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Unlucky Man Gets Wrongfully Arrested Thrice For Having The Same Name As Drug Lord


An unlucky man gets wrongfully arrested thrice for having the same name as drug lord. Due to the fact that he shares the same name as a wanted drug cartel leader, a guy has had the unfortunate experience of being imprisoned three times in the past 13 years.

The fact that many people have the same name as someone else ordinarily wouldn't be a problem, but a Colombian unlucky man gets wrongfully arrested thrice for having the same name as a drug lord.

46-year-old René Martnez Gutiérrez is a quiet family man who has never been arrested. The issue is that he shares a name with a drug dealer from Peru who has many local, state, and federal arrest warrants.

As a result, he has been detained three times in the past 13 years. The most recent visit took place earlier this month when the man traveled back to his native Colombia to visit his ailing father. As soon as his jet landed in Bogota, he was detained, and he has been imprisoned ever since.

In order to start his own business, Gutiérrez went to the neighborhood police station in Bogota, Colombia, and requested a copy of his judicial history. This is when Gutiérrez first encountered legal issues because of his name. This was in 2010.

René Martnez Gutiérrez has been unlawfully imprisoned for eight days after the police discovered through a record check that he had an international arrest warrant issued by Peru.

The Colombian guy was eventually freed, but he was unable to let the incident go. He went to the Peruvian Embassy, the Supreme Court of Justice, and Interpol, but none of these organizations had a satisfactory response. They all asserted that an unlucky name coincidence was the reason for his detention.

Colombian man arrested three times having same name as a notorious drug lord
Colombian man arrested three times having same name as a notorious drug lord

René Martnez Gutiérrez was summoned to a Bogota police station once more as a witness after his place of employment was looted just a year after his first arrest.

He was just meant to provide a statement about what had occurred, but when the police looked up his identity in the database, they once again believed him to be the sought-after Peruvian drug boss.

This time, he was imprisoned at Colombia's famed La Picota prison for two months alongside experienced criminals before Peruvian officials finally determined that he was not the person they were looking for.

After this occurrence, Gutiérrez felt that immigrating to the United States was the best course of action to prevent being imprisoned in the future, and he and his family made the trip there in 2012.

René's legal issues appeared to be behind him, but at the beginning of 2023, he learned that his old father wasn't doing well at all, so he made the decision to fly home to see him while fully aware of the risk he was taking.

Sadly, the 46-year-old man's greatest nightmares came true as soon as his jet touched down in Bogota. As soon as the aircraft stopped on the runway, Interpol agents boarded it, demanded his identification, and then led him away after establishing his identity.

In the end, he was taken to the police station in Los Martires, where he has been detained ever since.

The brother's sister told Noticias Caracol:

They did not give him the opportunity on Saturday morning when he arrived in Colombia to arrive in Colombia, on the plane they asked for his ID, Interpol entered and arrested my brother.

René Martnez Gutiérrez regrettably never had the chance to say farewell to his father because he died while he was in jail. He and his family are waiting for Peruvian officials to put together the extradition request. After that, they will certify that he is not the person they are looking for.

According to his wife Yesenia Contreras:

His name and date of birth coincided with a person who was wanted for being an accomplice to a man who transported 20 kilos of cocaine embedded in a television in Peru in 2006. I almost died. Then, they gave me his wallet, his cell phone and the wedding band and they took him to the dungeons.- Yesenia Contreras

It's strange that something like this can actually occur, but René's story is well known because he frequently made national headlines in Colombia.

The Colombian Cartels - Illegal Drug Trade In Colombia

Some of the world's most brutal and sophisticated drug trafficking gangs have called Colombia home since the 1970s. In the past thirty years, a small-scale cocaine smuggling operation has grown into a massive, globalcocaine empire.

Today's traffickers have access to sufficient funds to construct sophisticated smuggling apparatus, such as the high-tech submarine that the Colombian National Police recently found.

Engineers from Russiaand the United States were hired by Colombian drug traffickers to help with the design of the submarine, which was supposed to be used to sneak large amounts of cocaine into the United States.

Inside Mexico's Most Powerful Drug Cartel | Foreign Correspondent

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Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria is the biggest drug lord in Colombia.

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In the eyes of the general public, Pablo Escobar (1949–1993) was the most powerful and prosperous drug lord in history.

How Many Times Has Rene Martínez Gutierrez Been Arrested Till Now?

He has been arrested three times till now and has even had to spend time in jail.

Who Is The Biggest Drug Lord In Colombia Today?

Dairo Antonio Úsuga is the biggest drug lord in Colombia today.

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Imagine living a peaceful life and not hurting anyone, but being wrongfully detained three times just because your name is the same as that of a wanted criminal.

René Martinez Gutierrez, a Colombian unlucky man gets wrongfully arrested thrice for having the same name as a drug lord.

Due to the fact that he shares the same name as a drug dealer from Peru who has many arrest warrants out for him both domestically and internationally, he has been mistakenly imprisoned three times in less than ten years.

Gutierrez's most recent arrest occurred early this month when he went back to Columbia to see his father. When he arrived at the airport, Interpol agents confronted him and demanded his arrest. Since then, Gutierrez has been imprisoned, the newspaper stated.

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