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Usb Stuck In Penis - Risks And Pleasures To Measure


Unexpectedly many medical instances involve wires being inserted into urethras, or even an usb stuck in penis for "sexual curiosity" reasons.

Placing objects in your penis has a danger, and several problems, including painful erections, a hole in the bladder, and peeing blood might result.

You could be thinking that these two boys presented below unquestionably represent the whole body of medical literature that describes individuals inserting wires into their urethras.

You would be as mistaken as I was. There is a lengthy history of individuals placing objects in inappropriate places, including one who managed to get a fork there.

USB Stuck In Penis

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A man carrying a cucumber in his jeans
A man carrying a cucumber in his jeans

Unbelievably, this sort of incident has been recorded by the medical profession many times before.

In 2021, a case of a 15-year-old kid who was able to thread a USB wire into his penis is making headlines after his struggle was reported in a medical journal.

When the youngster's mother left the examination room, the boy confessed that he had done it "to measure the length of his penis, prompted by sexual curiosity," according to a case report written by doctors at the University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street in London. Even if a ruler would have also worked, he at least avoided trying to place one there.

A 14-year-old kid was reported by medics in Spain in 2020 as the first instance in which a "video game cable" became impaled in a urethra.

To remove it, he required a cystotomy, in which the bladder is cut open. Evidently, inquisitive teens are considerably less likely to undergo this surgery than little animals.

According to their account, the young patient arrived at the emergency hospital in agony, had foul-smelling urine, and had a wire protruding from his "meatus" (the medical name for penile tissue).

He inserted the wire up there four months before going inside to attempt to scratch an itch; he couldn't get it out, so he simply kept it there, keeping it hidden from his parents.

According to a translation of the report, which was originally published in Spanish, he had surgery and "extraction of a ball of foul-smelling electrical wire with various interior knots, several calcifications, and 150 cm in length."

A disappointing omission from the study is a description of the video game system to which this cable belonged.

From Sexual Pleasure To Crazy Fetishes

A banana and two apples
A banana and two apples

They insert a piece of glass or metal into the urethra, followed by some kind of stimulation.

I'm going to suggest that this falls under the category of reasons why people like fistfighting.

It goes beyond the boundaries of typical sexual encounters. It ranks directly below slavery. It falls under the kinky umbrella.

There are countless examples throughout history of men inserting strange items into their penises.

The justifications ranged from sexual fulfillment to bizarre fetishes to a pornographic subgenre that features men with objects implanted in their genitalia.

People Also Ask

Why Do People Insert Various Objects Into Their Penis?

The two most prevalent motivations for doing this are sexual curiosity and sexual activity.

Can There Be Risks?

Yes. There are a number of possible issues that might arise if anything becomes lodged within the penis.

Why Do Men Make Sounds When They Insert Objects?

Men make the sound as they insert things to increase their enjoyment during sexual activity.


While it is an advanced sexual technique, inserting objects into one's dickhole is a well-established fetish known as "sounding," and it can be done safely.

However, those that are into sounds often utilize smooth, sterile metal rods rather than dirty, jagged, and unevenly shaped plastic wires.

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