A recent documentary, Seaspiracy, has made plenty of people rethink their diet and consumption of fish.

The documentary put the spotlight on the fishing industry, and the impact it has on the environment.

Now, one activist has raised eyebrows after she burst into a fish restaurant in Perth, Australia.

Next, the activist stood on tables and began shouting at diners, calling them ‘animal abusers.’

Tash Peterson was leading the group. She regularly goes viral for the publicity stunts that she carries out in an attempt to make people go vegan. However, many people disagree with her methods.

“Fish Holocaust”

In the latest video, Tash is seen climbing onto tables and yelling about the “fish holocaust”.

Diners in the restaurant booed her and told her to get down.

“Right now, in this moment, there are billions of fish, dolphins, whales and other marine animals being ripped from the ocean, in massive trawler nets and they are suffocating to death,”she can be heard shouting.

She continued: “This is the largest holocaust in history.”

Meanwhile, a man approached Tash telling her to “shut up” and she can be heard threatening to report him to the police if he touched her.

Elsewhere, Tash was joined by other activists holding signs telling people to watch Seaspiracy. They were filmed chanting, “fish feel pain, just like us!”

Divided Opinion

The latest stunt has once again divided people, who think it’s great to raise awareness while others think it’s disrespectful.

“Great work Tash and I know the animals would be very thankful for you,” one wrote on social media.

Similarly, another added: “You have clearly brought so much awareness to this fish massacre that needs to be abolished. Can’t wait to see the spike in views of the documentary Seaspiracy!”

In addition, someone else encouraged: “I wish I was there with you, so inspiring. Never stop fighting.”

But this commenter didn’t approve: “Honestly this is just so disrespectful… let people live their life and enjoy a meal with their friends or family without being yelled at. This way of ‘protesting’ is not ever going to make anyone want to go vegan.”

Next, another wrote: “I understand your passion but you disappointed me when you cried “assault” when he barely touched your arm.. You can’t scream in peoples faces and trespass into businesses and disrupt places and then scream “assault” when the man done nothing wrong towards you directly”

Finally, one person was angered that children were impacted: “Yeah because causing stress to young children and ruining a young family’s night out is a great way to gain popularity, and to influence a change to people’s minds. If you actually want people to become like you, you need to influence in a positive way. Screeching, causing children to cry, ignoring public safety… People will turn against your cause instead of joining it…”

In other words, people have strong opinions either way.

Social Media

Tash posted a video of the action online and wrote:

“This is an emergency! The ocean is currently under threat – our planet is dying.”

“Right now, in this moment, there are billions of fish, dolphins, whales and other marine animals being ripped from the ocean, in massive trawler nets and they are suffocating to death! This is the largest holocaust in history.”

“2.7 trillion fish are brutally murdered each year for human consumption, along with millions of other marine animals who are being murdered by this evil industry.”

“The stress that fish experience when they are pulled from the water into an environment in which they cannot breathe is exactly the same as a person drowning. Fish are sentient beings who feel pain and they deserve to live.”

In conclusion, she insisted: “If you are not vegan, you are contributing to a holocaust!”

So do you agree with Tash?

Image via Alamy