Vegan Activists Storm Supermarket In New Zealand To Protest Meat Consumption

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in News, World
Published 18.09.19

A supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand was invaded by vegan animal rights protesters on Sunday in an attempt to prevent customers purchasing meat products.

We’ll assume that the carefully calculated plan was conducted in order to prevent families sitting down to their weekly treat of a Sunday roast.

During a tense stand-off with customers, the protesters taped their own mouths shut and held up placards which demanded carnivore customers ‘stop eating animals’, claiming the fresh meat ‘is not food, it’s violence’.


But customers weren’t exactly swayed by the protesters’ arguments. In a video of the event posted online, customers can be heard furiously shouting abuse at the protesters, claiming their actions were “disgusting” and telling them to leave the store.

One woman can be heard shouting: ‘Take your camera off me, I’m doing my f***ing shopping. I’m doing my shopping, unless you’re going to pay for my shopping you can f*** off!’

Another said: ‘Get out of my face. I’m disgusted you guys are even here in my supermarket when I’m buying my food. You disgust me.’


Despite the backlash, the protesters’ supreme leader, Amanda Rippon, declared they were peacefully protesting in support of the ‘victims’ of the human race’s necessity for meat.

When security finally decided enough was enough, the posse was told to leave the store but refused, resulting in the police being called to intervene.

vegan protests

In a statement to the New Zealand Herald, a spokesperson for the store, known as Countdown, revealed:

‘As a supermarket we work hard to provide our vegan and vegetarian customers with good quality and affordable options in our stores, and we are also deeply committed to good animal welfare practices throughout our supply chain.


‘We reserve the right to ask anyone undertaking protest action to leave our stores, however on this occasion this request was ignored several times.

‘The police were called to support our team and the protesters left shortly afterwards.’

vegan protests

The posse was then seen marching through the Westfield shopping mall in Auckland to continue their protest, spreading their mirth to other unfortunate shoppers across the city.

In an interview following the incident at Countdown, Amanda Rippon said: ‘The impact of a non-vegan diet is the victims who we don’t usually hear from, we’re here today to give them a voice.’

One of Rippon’s disciples, Deno Stock, also claimed that meat consumption was more extreme than their supposedly peaceful protesting.


‘I think that the way those animal parts have been put in the supermarket is far more extreme than what we’re doing,’ he said.

‘We’re not doing any damage, we’re just standing with the signs and raising awareness.’

That’s only true the sense that they weren’t physically causing damage. I’m sure there was a poor family in Auckland who were cheated out of a beef dinner, but I’m sure they’ll get over it.

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