New research suggests that switching to a vegan diet can significantly boost sexual performance.

Do Vegans Have Better Sex Than Meat-Eaters?

Veggly, a vegan dating app, conducted a survey involving 5,000 participants.

It was found that 67% of those involved in the survey experienced a noticeable increase in sexual performance after ditching meat and dairy. 

 Men in particular seemed to reap the benefits. 59% of women reported a sexual boost, compared to  71% of men.

The founder of the vegan dating app was thrilled by the findings. He said: “This is exciting news for vegans and anyone considering a switch to a vegan diet! 

“It’s yet another excellent reason for ditching animal products and choosing vegan food at every meal.

“It’s clear that your diet can impact life in the bedroom!”

This information isn’t entirely new, however.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson ruffled feathers last week when she stated that ‘vegans make better lovers’. 

Anderson said: “Vegans make better lovers. The cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy causes hardening of the arteries (and not much else).

“It slows blood flow to all the body’s organs, not just the heart. You can improve your overall health and increase stamina in the bedroom by going vegan.

“A healthy body is a sexy body, and eating meat ISN’T healthy. It’s been linked to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and obesity- which are major causes of erectile dysfunction.

“Going vegan can help men of all ages boost their sexual performance and reduce the risk of prostate cancer at the same time.”

Of course, Anderson’s statements did not go unnoticed by British journalist-stroke-anti-vegan, Piers Morgan. 

Morgan, who once  ‘threw up’ on live television after eating a vegan sausage roll, is known for his adverse views about veganism. 

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Morgan stated: “My problem with [veganism] is a lot of medical experts say that actually, a vegan diet is not that great for you.”

According to Piers,  ‘missing out on meat’ could have a ‘detrimental effect on your general health and wellbeing’.

Morgan also alluded to the fact that he, a meat-eater, does not have any problem in the bedroom department. 

Co-host of Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid was not impressed with this ‘sleazy’ line of conversation, stating: “I can’t believe we’re divulging all this information on-air,”.

Piers added: “The jury’s out Pamela. I did offer on Twitter to test this theory Pamela, but I notice you didn’t respond to my intrigue…’


Do Vegans Have More Sex Than Meat-Eaters?

Performance might not be the only thing to be boosted by going vegan. Frequency of sex could also be impacted too.

Data was collected from another dating app called

It was found that 57 percent of vegans reported having sex four times a week. Just half of the meat-eating participants  said they had sex twice a week.

Further, 92 percent of vegans also described their love lives as ‘great’ – with over half  of those involved stating that they ‘always’ have the energy for sex.

This was not the case for meat-eaters, with only 79% of them describing their love lives as ‘great’.  Just 35% of the non vegans stated that they always have the energy for sex.

We wouldn’t say all this evidence is compelling enough to be considered cold hard fact, but if you are struggling in the bedroom department, perhaps ditching meat and dairy is the answer for you!

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