Vegan Left ‘Traumatised For Life’ After Being Served A Pork Sausage Roll At Greggs

Gugu MashavaGugu Mashava in News, UK
Published 27.09.19

A vegan YouTuber has a breakdown after she eats a pork sausage roll from Greggs. Oh, the humanity.

I reckon Piers Morgan would go through the same thing if he ate a vegan sausage roll. Everyone knows how much he was on board with Greggs selling them in the first place.

The man even went as far as keeping a bucket next to him on live TV as if to prove he was certain that the vegan treat he was about to try would make him vomit. Someone should perhaps tell him that looking in the mirror would make him feel way worse than gobbling down a vegan roll. Which he probably likes deep down.


Why was a vegan traumatised by Greggs?

Anyway, student Sharleen Ndungu posted a video rant about her ordeal, where she mentioned how she ‘burst into tears’,  went through trauma and ‘heart palpitations’ after realising her roll actually contained pork.

Sharleen said, “I haven’t had meat in two years. My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy.”

“I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat – this doesn’t happen when I have other food. I’m traumatised for life now – I’m never going to Greggs again.”

More rolls for us then.


What did she eat?

It all started when the 20-year-old decided to grab a vegan sausage roll for lunch from Greggs, Canterbury, Kent. It was only after a few bites that she noticed the roll contained real meat.

sausage roll

Shortly after the mix-up, she stormed back into Greggs and demanded an apology. At first, she was offered a £2 refund by the manager but that wasn’t enough.

Storm Karen arrived following the refund offer, and Sharleen called the customer service helpline, who then offered her a £30 voucher.


She refused the voucher too, her reasons being, “I was asking for a public apology to make people aware that they should watch out for things like this.”

“People can be allergic to pork and potentially die from such a stupid mistake. It’s my choice not to consume meat because it causes cancer. That choice has been taken away from me.”

She added: “My body is poisoned for life now, you know.”

Her experience with Greggs has troubled her so deeply, she might no longer buy food from other fast-food outlets in fear of a situation like this happening.


What did Greggs say?

A shift manager of Greggs said: “We have a fix-it-now company policy where we offer the customer a refund straight away. ‘If they don’t accept that then we will put them through to head office. “She definitely received an apology – it is company standard.”

Furthermore, a Greggs spokesman commented: ‘We have apologised to the customer for this incident. We’ve taken great care to try and prevent this from happening and are investigating to ensure this situation can be avoided in the future.’

She has a point, however, all I’m focusing on is that I can receive a £30 voucher if I complain to Greggs.

Storm Karen’s paving the way for discounts in the future.

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