I’m a long, long, long way off from ever calling myself a vegan. But, I’m definitely trying to eat less meat these days and do my small part.

We’re living in a climate that’s remarkably woke – well, some of us are *eye rolls* – and I think the cultural shift towards eating more plant-based food is actually pretty incredible and shows that change really can happen.

If you can do it – if you have the will power or if you’re doing it because the repercussions mean something huge to you – I really commend you.


Now, if I’m being really honest, right now in my life, if Domino’s accidentally added real ham to my plant-based pizza order, I’d consider it a bit of a win, but I can imagine for a hardcore vegan, this would be upsetting.

Vegan slams Domino’s for serving him meat

Vegan Patrick Huskins from Australia has been making headlines this week for his very pubic reaction to discovering that Domino’s Pizza had accidentally added real ham to his plant-based pizza.

Despite his concerns, Huskins was reassured that the ham was plant-based and not meat. But soon after he became very ill and his anxieties were confirmed to be true.

“I felt shame and pain for the animal”

Patrick Huskins Facebook picture

Huskins (pictured above) talked through his reactions with Daily Mail Australia:

“I had a horrible sinking feeling. I had eaten an animal. Not eating animals has become a core part of my belief system.

“I felt shame and pain for the animal. And felt guilt for having unknowingly consumed a product that goes against my endeavours to reduce my environmental footprint as well as harm to other animals… I was shocked.”


Domino’s has issued a public apology to Huskins and reimbursed him with a voucher to pick up another pizza.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t think that’s good enough.

F*** off 😊

Posted by Patrick Hukins on Saturday, July 21, 2018

“In a busy store environment we know that mistakes, though uncommon, can happen”

“We would like to publicly apologise to our customer,” said Domino’s.

“This was an inadvertent mistake, which will be used as a learning opportunity for our team members.

“Domino’s has a 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee, and each of our team members works hard to deliver meals that meet our customers’ requirements, including specific dietary needs.


“We have specific procedures in place for customers with vegan or allergen requirements, including using fresh gloves and cutting blades for their order.

“Because of these procedures, we have received positive feedback from customers on our vegan range. 

“But in a busy store environment we know that mistakes, though uncommon, can happen. Where this is the case, our local store will refund or remake the order as soon as possible.”

Domino's pizza issues apology to angry vegan

Was Domino’s reaction good enough?

Now, as I’ve said, I’m no vegan, but if I’d been given real ham after being assured it was plant-based, I’d be pretty pissed off. Then, if it made me physically sick I’d have a real problem – especially if they then came back at me with a f*cking voucher.


The story has naturally picked up a lot of attention and many outlets have tried to twist it slightly to benefit from the obvious click-bait within the story (I’ll be honest, that’s how I was sucked in originally), so I’m keen to get Patrick’s thoughts in this article.

Patrick Huskins profile picture

Patrick Huskin’s wrote on Facebook:

“The past day has been a crazy ride with the media on this vegan dominos pizza fiasco. For a moment, I just want to bring it back to what is the important concern here: the welfare of the defenceless animals that have to endure horrendous suffering and horrifying deaths in slaughterhouses. Animals that deserve to live. That should not exist for our use and abuse. Veganism is not about me. Honestly, this whole drama has led me to realise how insignificant and unimportant my discomfort in eating that pizza is, when compared to what it means for the poor pigs who die screaming for their lives in gas chambers. Let us please think beyond our selves and look at the bigger picture here. See the suffering and respond. See the impact on our planet and act.”

I can appreciate that mistakes can happen anywhere, but this story has really got me thinking. How often does this mistake get made and go unnoticed? 

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