Vegetarian Mum Stayed Up Crying All Night When She Discovered Her Takeaway Had Meat In It

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 12.11.19

A vegetarian mother was left crying all night after she discovered her Indian takeaway contained chicken.

Having dietary requirements is always a hassle when you’re eating out. It should be easy, but people usually find it a bit embarrassing raising the issue to waiters and chefs.

With that said, when it is brought up, restaurant staff usually try their damnedest to make sure your requirements are met and they don’t get sued, so it’s not often you see stories like this.


Animal rights activist Tania Baxter is a woman who hasn’t eaten meat for ten years, but bloody loves a takeaway curry. Things changed however after she ordered from Melton Spice in her home town of Melton Constable, Norfolk.

45-year-old Baxter ordered a vegetable curry which her friend picked up from Melton Spice and while there, she even made sure to ask whether or not it was the right dish.


She was assured that the curry was categorically meat-free, but Baxter’s trusting ways were her undoing.

She explained:

As soon as I took a mouthful, I knew instantly the texture in my teeth was meat, so I spat it out straight away.

Then I looked through the rest of the curry and saw these same pieces of chicken.”


Tania went on to say how she called up to complain, but her comments landed on more or less deaf ears…

There was no remorse, no apology. He said to me three times ‘come back and I’ll make you another curry’, but that wasn’t the point.

The whole experience was completely devastating and I was in tears all night.


My 12-year-old daughter is not a vegetarian but she was so upset, she didn’t eat her own dinner.”

She claims that she didn’t even get a proper explanation, saying:

They just weren’t grasping how upsetting this was for someone who is against slaughter and eating animals.

They just didn’t seem to care.

What if someone had a serious allergy and they were given the wrong dish? Someone could die because of this.


This isn’t something I will get over, to go through that and experience that kind of attitude.

I will never eat a curry again – I can guarantee that.

I’ve got to say, I agree with the allergy thing, but that reaction feels a bit knee-jerk. Just make your own curry?

Meanwhile, in their defence, Rakim Imam, who works at Melton Spice, said:

Someone called to say they had chicken in their vegetarian curry and we have refunded them.

If there is a mistake, we have to see the curry first and then we can investigate what has happened.

The lady said it had chicken in it, but refused to bring it back to us.”

Images via Facebook, Melton Spice