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Venice Canal Turns Fluorescent Green, Prompting Police Investigation


Local residents and tourists in Venice were left stunned as a section of the city's renowned Venice canal turns fluorescent green, triggering the police to investigate the situation. The peculiar phenomenon occurred on Sunday, May 28, when the luminous green liquid began to spread from the iconic Rialto Bridge, captivating the attention of onlookers.

While the cause of this surreal incident remains unknown, speculations abound. Some have speculated that climate change activists may be behind the spectacle. However, as of now, no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the extraordinary occurrence.

Police Investigate As Venice Canal Turns Fluorescent Green

Residents were the first to notice the canal's otherworldly coloration, capturing images of gondoliers gliding through the highlighter green waters and sharing them online.

Prompted by the mysterious event, local authorities launched an investigation, considering the possibility of a connection to previous incidents involving climate activists. Notably, during the 34th Venice Biennale in 1968, artist Nicolás Garcia Uriburu intentionally dyed the canal waters a strikingly similar shade of green, aiming to raise awareness about pressing environmental concerns.

Italy has witnessed recent environmental protests, with a group gathering in Rome on May 21. In a powerful demonstration, seven activists from the organization Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) turned the Trevi Fountain black by pouring diluted charcoal into its waters, while displaying banners proclaiming their refusal to support fossil fuels.

However, thus far, the group has not claimed any involvement in the peculiar coloring of the Venice Canal.

To aid their investigation, the authorities have enlisted the assistance of the Italian fire service, which is currently collecting water samples for testing. Luca Zaia, the president of the Veneto region, expressed his eagerness to uncover the responsible party, assuring the public of swift action.

Water in Venice's Grand Canal turns bright green

In a tweet, he stated, "The prefect has called an urgent meeting with the police to investigate the origin of the liquid."

Social media platforms have been inundated with videos showcasing the mesmerizing green water, as tourists sought to document this unique spectacle. One visitor even took to TikTok to share a video, humorously speculating about the potential superpowers one might acquire from taking a plunge into the vividly colored canal. Comments from viewers expressed astonishment.

I was just there two days ago, and it wasn't green.- Tiktok Viewer


As the investigation progresses, both locals and visitors alike eagerly await an explanation for this perplexing occurrence. Hopefully, the canal's extraordinary hue will dissipate, allowing the city's iconic waterways to return to their natural beauty.

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