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Video Showing Freshly Cut Meat Is Making People Turn Vegetarians


Video showing freshly cut meat is making people turn vegetarians. Yes, you got it right. Many viewers of a popular video demonstrating what happens when you salt freshly cut beef are saying that it just might convert them to vegetarianism.

This videoisn't really graphic because it's just a small piece of meat, unless you're already a vegan or vegetarian, in which case it must be horrible, but what's really intriguing is how the salt affects it.

When the salt is put on the freshly cut piece of meat, which we'll assume is beef because of how it looks, it starts to twitch and move as if it were still alive. That video showing freshly cut meat is making people turn vegetarians.

It's something that some people have actually used in cooking, which gives the dish a very whimsical, or horrifying, depending on your perspective, frisson.

There is a scientific justification for it, I suppose. For one thing, the meat you're using for this kind of culinary deception has to be very fresh, if you'll pardon the entirely intended pun.

The answer to all of this is that the flesh is so fresh that the neurons are still present and able to respond. The salt, whether in granular form or in salty soy sauce, generates a reaction in the neurons that we can see in the meats as a result.

In a Scientific American article from last year, it is said that all cells are polarised, which means that the concentrations of charged atoms, known as ions, in the fluid inside of them are different from the fluid outside of them.

The difference in charge (or voltage) across the membrane is caused by this variation in ion concentrations.

This difference - called a membrane potential - allows neurons to work. Neurons are highly specialised cells which process and transmit electrical signals. When not activated, neurons maintain their membrane potential by actively pumping out sodium ions and pumping in potassium ions. When a neuron is activated, however, specific channels open that allows sodium ions to flood in.

"This rapid change in the charge difference causes potassium channels to open, allowing potassium to flow out.

You get it? Good.

Because the meat is still fresh, the sodium chloride, or salt, still wakes up the neurons, causing this reaction. The concept hasn't gone over well with many who have watched the resurrected film, with some claiming it has turned them vegetarian.

One said: “It's not cool at all. I feel creepy," while another added:“Well, this picture could make me give up eating meat.”A third wrote: “I've just ordered a salad.”

Someone else also commented: “Yo! I ain't eating meat again.”


A disturbing video showing freshly cut meat is making people turn vegetarians. A video showing a piece of flesh going into spasms was released.

The 2020 Facebook video that went viral shows what happens when fresh meat is salted by a butcher.

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