It’s getting to the point now where not even Netflix can keep me entertained during these depressing times.

I’ve pretty watched everything I wanted to already, and besides Sky’s incredible Gangs Of London, nothing is really floating my boat.

However, according to a lot of Netflix fans, I should really consider starting on the new drama mini-series Unorthodox, which appears to be moving many to tears while others say it’s the best thing currently on the streaming site.

The four-part series, which landed on March 26th, is loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s New York Times bestselling memoir, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots.

It tells the story of 19-year-old Jewish woman named Esther ‘Esty’ Shapiro (Shira Haas), who is in an arranged marriage and part of an ultra-Orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City. However, as Etsy struggles to come to terms with her life and upbringing, she decides to move to Berlin to start a new life.

According to an official synopsis from Netflix, the series is: “One part coming of age story, and one part thriller, set in the fun world of Berlin, we watch as a girl discovers all parts of life, of herself and as she follows the dark trails to uncover the dangerous mysteries of her family’s past.”

As I say, Ppeople have been bingeing the series and many are saying how brilliant it was.

“For anybody looking for an unsolicited Netflix recommendation, #Unorthodox is absolutely brilliant. Had me and the significant other in tears. Wonderful, and very moving performances,” raved one fan.

“I watched #Unorthodox on Netflix last night and it was brilliant. Such a moving story that actually had me in tears,” said a second.

A third added: “#Unorthodox on @NetflixUK moved me to tears. What an amazing four hours of television. Highly recommend it.”

If any fans were hoping for a second season, though, you’ll disappointed, as writer Anna Winger has said it won’t be happening, although she did hint at working with the cast again in the future.

She told Metro: “We’re not doing a sequel to this because we feel that we really told this story. It was always designed as a mini-series.

“I suspect that I will work with these actors again, and with many of my collaborators from this project. We have a lot of new things in development.

“So it’s not the end of the road for this constellation, but I don’t think we’ll tell this story again. We’ve told it.”

I’m convinced – Unorthodox, you’re up next.