Viewers Left Crying Within First 10 Minutes Of David Attenborough’s ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Entertainment, TV
Published 28.10.19

Within the first ten minutes of David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet, viewers were already crying at a pretty harrowing moment involving a pod of seals.

The first ten minutes of something can make or break a viewing experience for you, although they can often be a red herring, making you think you’re in for something that’s, in reality, a whole world away.


Yesterday, the first 10 minutes are Arsenal vs Crystal Palace would have lead me to believe I was going to see a famous Arsenal romp, reminiscent of the old days. In reality we got a dull and insipid performance and a completely legal goal ruled out by a man who has apparently never refereed a Premier League game in his life.

Seven Worlds, One Planet, on the other hand, was sad from the start, immediately illustrating the harsh realities of nature, and teamed with the dulcet tones of the mercurial David Attenborough, viewers struggled to hold back their tears.

seven worlds one planet david attenborough seal


With the first ten minutes of the opening episode of last night’s BBC documentary series, we were in the “frozen wilderness” of Antarctica with the only mammal that can live this far south, the weddell seal.

Things started brightly as many of the seals gave birth to pups, but as a storm closed in, the seal mothers were forced to make a decision; take shelter in the sea (leaving their pups, who can’t swim for their first ten days) or stay with them, and hope the storm passes.

Sadly, once the storm did eventually subside, we were shown the moment we’d all been dreading as many of the pups didn’t make it. It was hard to watch and while we did briefly see a pup reunited with its mother in a rather heartwarming moment, it was too little too late for many viewers.




If you fancy a weekly cry, you can catch Seven Worlds, One Planet on BBC One, Sundays at 18:15.

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