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Viewers Think Armenia's Eurovision Song Says 'Fart In My Face'


The EurovisionSong Contest is an annual international singing competition where participating countries send representatives to perform original songs in a bid to win the title.

The event garners a massive audience and often leads to discussions, controversies, and misinterpretations of song lyrics. In 2023, Armenia's entry to Eurovision sparked a peculiar misunderstanding as viewers think Armenia's Eurovision song says 'Fart in My Face'.

The LadBiblearticle highlights the misinterpretation of Armenia's Eurovision song and its impact on social media. It mentions that the lyrics were misheard as "fart in my face" instead of the actual lyrics, creating an amusing and unexpected twist for viewers. The article also includes a video clip of the performance, allowing readers to hear the song for themselves.

Indy100further explores the misheard lyrics and the subsequent online reaction. The article highlights how social media users quickly jumped on the misinterpretation, sharing humorous posts and memesrelated to the incident. It also acknowledges the actual lyrics of the song, which are in Armenian and can be misunderstood due to the language barrier.

It's important to note that misheard lyrics are not uncommon, especially in international events like Eurovision where language barriers can play a role.

The misinterpretation of Armenia's Eurovision song as saying "fart in my face" seems to have been purely a case of misunderstanding due to the unfamiliarity of the language and the way the words sounded to some viewers.

The actual lyrics to ‘Future Lover’ are: “I wanna’ scream and shout/ My heart caught in chains/ Cold heart, cold hands, fire in my veins / Fire in my veins, heart in chains”.

However, watchers are mishearing the lyric ‘Fire in my veins’as ‘Fart in my face’.

While misheard lyrics can sometimes go viral and generate buzz, it's crucial to approach them with a light-hearted perspective. In this case, the misinterpretation provided some comedic relief and entertainmentvalue for viewers and social media users.

It's a reminder that language and cultural differences can lead to unexpected interpretations, and it showcases the diversity and fun aspects of the Eurovision Song Contest.

It's worth mentioning that Eurovision songs often have a strong visual and performance element that adds to their appeal and can influence how viewers perceive the lyrics. The combination of the song's performance, staging, and language barrier may have contributed to the misinterpretation of the lyrics in this particular case.

One Reddituser wrote:

For some reason the first time I heard ‘Future Lover’, I thought Brunette was saying ‘Fart in my face’ instead of ‘Fire in my veins’ and ‘I still have the coldest ass’ instead of ‘Hands’.

Maybe there is something wrong with my brain.

Elsewhere, a Twitteruser took to social media to question: “Is the Albanian song saying ‘Fart in my face’?”while another said, “Sorry, but I heard ‘Fart in my face’ there.”

Viewers think Armenia's Eurovision song says 'Fart in My Face' and it gained significant traction on social media platforms. Users quickly seized upon the misinterpreted lyrics, sharing their amusement and creating a wave of memes, humorous posts, and witty comments. The incident became a trending topic, further amplifying the reach and visibility of the misheard lyric.


Vviewers think Armenia's Eurovision song says 'Fart in My Face'. The mishearing of Armenia's Eurovision song as saying "fart in my face" was a humorous incident that gained attention on social media.

It demonstrates the power of misheard lyrics to create buzz and spark discussions, adding an amusing twist to the Eurovision experience. However, it's important to remember that these misinterpretations are often unintentional and arise from the intricacies of language and cultural diversity.

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