Vile Woman Who Licked Toilet Says Attention Was Worth It Even If Someone Dies

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Published 27.03.20

You can always count on the stupidity of TikTok users to come up with a dumb and ridiculously risky challenge amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

I mean, it really begs belief – after all, its predominantly a younger generation following such users on TikTok and it is anything but responsible to start licking objects that could potentially infect you with coronavirus.

22-year old, TikTok user, Ava Louise demonstrated all this in the recent ‘corona challenge’ whilst travelling on a plane, in a properly weird and disgusting video that essentially sees her risking getting Coronavirus for some meaningless views.


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Meghan McCain could NEVER

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At the time, Ava Louise insisted she had ‘cloroxed’ the toilet seat prior to licking the toilet seat and only posted the TikTok video to get featured on news outlet CNN.

But now she’s gone one further by admitting she’s loving all the attention she’s getting from it.

In an interview with Dr Phil, Ava said that if someone dies from catching the bug from her it would still be worth it because of all the attention she’s getting.

He asked her: “If you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?”

“Yeah,” Ava said. “I’m hearing you talk and you’re like, ‘Oh, you’re going to kill somebody’ like you know what? I’ll pull up and I’ll cough on you. Like I’m just tired of it! This is ridiculous!

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Chase clout but make it hot

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She admitted she’d filmed the video because she was annoyed that the bug was getting more attention than her.

Ava added: “I was, like, really annoyed that corona was getting more publicity than me.”

Defending her actions, she continued: “One, I had way dirtier things in my mouth. Two, I bleached [the toilet.]

“Three, private plane. I flew down on my sugar daddy’s plane with my best friend. So really, it wasn’t that dirty.

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Woke up feeling like Monica lewinsky 😍 #clout

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“I wasn’t putting myself or anyone else at risk.”

Ava also said she didn’t think that coronavirus is as serious as scientists are saying.

She explained: “I just don’t think that this is as concerning as possibly as it could be, because I don’t have coronavirus.

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My ex got f*t

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“I don’t have any symptoms. No one I know has symptoms.”

Ava went on: “I was with thousands of people at Spring Break, I was kissing people, I was acting out, I was being promiscuous … and nothing happened.”

I’m lost for words.

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