Alien hunter Scott Waring has shared footage claiming that a tiny white saucer flying over the Popocatépetl Volcano down in Mexico is a UFO.

In the video, a round flat object hovers and flies around Popocatépeti, a volcano which erupts every 10-12 hours.

The release of this video almost seems too convenient, as not long ago a group of over 1.5 million people arranged to storm down Area 51 this September 20th. This could be the breakthrough era for conspiracy theorists alike.


What an exciting time to be alive.

In all fairness to Waring, the object does have the typical UFO design, and there really is no good explanation as to why a flying disk is near an erupting volcano.


Until experts can confirm it’s a plane, Waring and other alien hunters have the right to conspire about this disk, in particular, being a UFO.

This isn’t the only UFO footage that Waring has brought to people’s attention. Oh yes, he looks through any kind of suspicious footage of potential UFO sightings, so we don’t have to.

Um, yeah, cheers Waren.


alien hunter ufo volcano

I’m sure his super sleuth ways has inspired other alien hunter to trawl through videos of UFO sightings. That’ll really get the Area 51 crowd going.

In case you’re not aware of the ‘storm area 51’ stuff, here’s a brief breakdown of the story.


Area 51 has a reputation for being a top-secret US air force base, no one knows what really happens in there except for its workers and the US government.

Naturally, when an area is heavily guarded and no real information about what happens inside is released, people’s imaginations go wild. Precisely, they think of extra-terrestrial things.

So, one man called Matty Roberts made a Facebook group called, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” as a joke. The fake purpose of the page was to gather as many people as possible to ‘Naruto run’ and storm down the secretive site in September.


The actual main goal was for the whole thing to blow up as a meme.

storm area 51 facebook september

Much to Robert’s surprise, it attracted over 1.5 million people who clicked ‘going’ to the event which consequently brought up the attention of the media and the US government.

Since then, warnings have been issued out by the government that brutal force will be used against actual attendees.

Whether millions will still go to site in Nevada September 20th, is unclear.

But never mind that people may or may not storm Area 51, I’m still wondering how Waren has the time to search through hours of videos for UFO’s, that’s the real conspiracy here.

Images via YouTube, Getty, Area 15