Watch Friends Star Jennifer Aniston Share Where She Thinks Ross And Rachel Would Be Today

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Published 12.06.19


Friends star Jennifer Aniston – who plated Rachel Green in the show – has opened up about where Ross and Rachel would be in 2019.

It continues to astound me that Friends is in the news as often as it is, but here I am writing another article about it.

We just can’t let go, can we?


Of course the main saga throughout the entirety of the series was Ross and Rachel’s on/off relationship that took a brief BREAK before having baby Emma together and seemingly ending up together.

But it’s been 15 years since we last saw them, and a lot could have happened in that time.

Are they still together? Jennifer Aniston reckons so.

The Friends star was discussing her and Adam Sandler’s new Netflix movie Murder Mystery on the Today show when she was asked by anchor Natalie Morales about Ross and Rachel’s fate.


“If Rachel Green were out and about today, where would she be? Is she with Ross? They’re back together?” Morales asks.

Here’s her theory:

“Yes, absolutely,” answers Aniston. “Emma’s grown up. She’s in college? Not yet…”

“High school,” corrects Sandler. “She’s vaping in high school and you’re just lookin’ the other way. Way to go.”

I sincerely hope that’s not what becomes of Emma, although at least the twins that played her went on to great heights.

This comes after Jen backtracked on her initial comments about THAT Friends reunion.

She got fans pretty excited recently when she hinted that the gang could be getting back together again.


She told Ellen DeGeneres:

“Ohhhkay. Why not? You know what, because, listen, I told you this.”

“I would do it… The girls would do it. And the boys would do it, I’m sure. Listen. Anything could happen.”

However, clearing up her stance, Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight: “Well, “no” was getting me nowhere, and “maybe” was getting me nowhere. So I thought I’d try “yes”. See what would happen. Sorry!”

The actress went on to say there are currently ‘no plans’ for a reunion, but she teased that ‘anything could happen’, adding: “I have no idea though. There’s no plans in the immediate future.”


Let’s just say never say never for now…

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