Watch The Painful Moment A Woman Jumps Onto A Frozen Lake And Fractures Her Ankle

Joshua RogersJoshua Rogers in Funny, News
Published 15.03.19
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I get it: we’re all idiots sometimes.

I, myself, have been an idiot several times in my life, but one moment in particular springs to mind when talking about total idiocy.

I was 19 (the age when most idiotic moments occur) when, in my drunken state, I decided to climb some nearby scaffolding to impress some mates I was with (girls that were watching).

Long story short: I slipped, landed on my wrist and broke said wrist.

It was stupid but it ultimately paid off by allowing me to reference it in this article.

Every cloud.

I say this because I can sympathise with this next girl who seemingly thought to herself: ‘You know what would be a great/funny idea? Jumping onto this frozen lake.’

Footage shows the unnamed woman stripping down to her undies before discarding her hat and running towards the lake in Russia.

She can be seen leaping in a ‘bomb’ position – holding her hands under her knees – before slamming into the rock hard ice coating the stretch of water.

Hardly surprising really.

Check it out below:

Ouchie. That really makes you wince doesn’t it?

A loud bang can be heard in the clip as the woman hits the ice and slides across the surface.

She can be heard wincing in pain as she walks gingerly back to the person filming the incident who’s understandably laughing to himself.

But that’s not the end of it, because pictures later emerged of the unnamed woman’s heavily bandaged left ankle which is reportedly fractured.

It goes without saying that you really shouldn’t be going jumping into frozen lakes, but hey, at least she got a viral video out of it for the price of a measly ankle that will repair itself anyway.

I wish someone would have captured my fall – that would have made the pain somewhat more tolerable.

A funny video like that – I’d have got all the girls.

Images via Getty/YouTube

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