Watch This Whole Street Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To This Unsuspecting 8-Year-Old

Ben PulsfordBen Pulsford
Published 25.03.20

This whole street sang “Happy Birthday” to this unsuspecting 8-year-old who had to spend her birthday in isolation

We all need to fill our days with happiness right now, so do yourself a favour and watch this Twitter video.

And then share with someone else and make their day.


We’ve all got to pay special attention to our moods right now; ensuring we balance out all this catastrophic worry with some feel-good endorphins. Luckily, since the whole world went to  hell in a handbasket due to the coronavirus pandemic, the internet seems to be stepping up and delivering us some feel-good gems, to the delight of ‘lockdowners’ everywhere.

The latest gem to be doing just that is a Twitter video of a group of British neighbours surprising an 8-year-old birthday girl with a street-wide rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

A fair few of us are going to have our birthdays in lockdown and be forced to “celebrate” at home this year, but this video proves that with the right level of determination we can still celebrate the good times and be there for one another.

Plus booze – booze helps, too.


Parents Rob and Alison Thomas were worried about giving their little girl, Sophia, the 8th birthday she deserved in light of the nationwide lockdown. So, Alison took to Facebook to ask her neighbours if they would say “Happy Birthday” on their daily walks or even drop a card off for Sophia through the letterbox.

But one neighbour had a bigger idea – way bigger.

Said neighbour suggested they all gather on their front gardens or pop their heads out of their windows and sing “Happy Birthday” to Sophia at the same time.

This was the result…


It’s the Glee fantasy I’ve always dreamed of (perhaps with slightly more autotune).

According to UNILAD, Sophia’s birthday also came complete with a whopper of a birthday cake and BBQ outside, basking in the spring sunshine.


Happy birthday, Sophia!

You couldn’t hear it, but i actually just sang it twice to you while washing my hands. 

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