Watch What Happens Next When A Paraglider Lands Near A Very Angry Kangaroo

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in Funny, News
Published 11.03.19
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One of my favourite videos on the internet is the one where a kangaroo has some guy’s dog so he runs up to it to warn it off.

I love the look on the dog’s face and I love when the guy squares up to it, ready to throw down. Just that split moment. It’s perfect.

The kangaroo’s reaction too. The video has it all.

I always assumed kangaroos were quite lovable things, but as it turns out they’re just another addition to the list of Australian things that aim to put a swift end to your life – like venomous snakes.

This is dangerously apparent after a quick viewing of this next video that recently went viral, showing a paraglider getting greeted by a very angry individual upon landing.

It’s brilliant. At first he thinks he’s going to get a fun greeting and then that happens. You couldn’t write it.

The way he says that at the end. How often does this happen?

Imagine if kangaroos were the first contact with aliens landing on Earth. Instantly there’d be a war all because kangaroos are bad people.

They just hate humans. Very relatable actually.

As you were, kangaroos.

Images via YouTube/ViralHog