After a break-up, it’s essential to think carefully about your next move; you must consider all of your options. And even though HBO was the one who first introduced you to your ex, Game of Thrones (and we all know how that ended), it’s time to put your trust in them once again. Tbf, they do have a slew of newbies to pick from.

If you’re not into the idea of trying something completely new, you could continue your affair with the fantasy genre by tuning into His Dark Materials (premiering on 4th November on HBO and BBC One). If you’re looking to flirt with something slightly more… mature, then look to Catherine the Great (currently available on HBO and Now TV). However, if it’s an upgrade you’re searching for – something to keep you on your toes (Georgia Steel style) – it’s HBO’s Watchmen that you’ll want to hit-up. According to the first reviews, the sort-of superhero series will have you saying: ‘Game of Thrones who?’. (At least, until that prequel series is released.)


The nine-parter, premiering tonight, is sure to be everybody’s new obsession. Spearheaded by the always astonishing Academy Award Winner Regina King, HBO’s Watchmen TV show is said to be the best Watchmen story since Alan Moore’s graphic novel (the OG Watchmen tale). And if all of that isn’t enough to convince you that it’s worth a watch, wait until we tell you who’s running the show. Only Damon Lindelof (best known for being the executive producer of Lost and Leftovers).


HBO Watchmen

How does HBO’s Watchmen (2019) compare to the comics?

HBO’s Watchmen series is set in the same alternate world as the comics, a world where Nixon was still the president during the mid-80s and masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws. However, the TV show is set over 30 years after the events written by Moore and Robert Redford is now prime minister (for real) and, judging by the trailer, it seems that masks are now mainstream. Even the police force are sporting them!



HBO Watchmen

Having said that, HBO’s Watchmen is not strictly a sequel to the comics (or Zack Snyder’s film) as it doesn’t have the same group at its centre. Nevertheless, members of the super-team are confirmed to appear throughout the nine episodes; and I believe that they’ll end up being crucial to the series’ plot.

Which original Watchmen characters will appear in HBO’s Watchmen (2019)?

Adrian Alexander Veidt/Ozymandias



HBO Watchmen

Played by: Jeremy Irons

Who is he?

A super-intelligent billionaire whose superhero moniker is the Greek name for Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II. He’s essentially the main antagonist of Watchmen who killed Laurie’s dad, AKA The Comedian.

What are his abilities?


He’s not really super. He’s just super clever, and a pretty good fighter too.

Laurie Blake/Silk Spectre

HBO Watchmen

Played by: Jean Smart

Who is she?

Laurie Blake, the only female team member of Watchmen, is the second in her family to assume the mantle of ‘Silk Spectre’ (her mother being the first). She is now an FBI agent investigating the Tulsa mass murders.


What are her abilities?

Just like her mother, Laurie is an expert in gymnastics and hand-to-hand combat.

Why is her name change from (Laurie Jupiter to Laurie Blake) notable?

The surname ‘Blake’ means that she has now taken her father’s surname. This is a controversial decision as her father, The Comedian, attempted to sexually assault her mother before they got together to have Laurie. Confusing, I know.

John Osterman/Doctor Manhattan



HBO Watchmen

Played by: TBC

How do we know he will appear?

He’s shown blowing up his home on Mars – the planet he retired to after the events of Watchmen – presumably because he needs to return to Earth.

Who is he?

Once a human, John Osterman became a God-like being after a radiation accident which destroyed his intrinsic field. He now struggles to relate to the human race and wishes to live in a universe that’s ‘less complicated’. I feel you bro.

What are his abilities?


Basically, every power you can dream of.

What does his name mean?

His name originates from the ‘Manhattan Project’, the government program which invented atomic bombs for WW2.


HBO Watchmen

As far as we know, the original Rorschach is still dead (killed by Dr Manhattan at the end of the graphic novel). However, it seems that the HBO show will focus on the conflict between the yellow-mask-sporting police force and a community of Rorschach-esque rebels. The first preview of this masked group shown in the teaser trailer left us with many questions about Rorschach’s legacy, especially concerning the whereabouts of his famous journal.

Who does Regina King play in the HBO Watchmen 2019 series?

Regina King will play police detective Angela Abar, who’s also a wife (to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s character), a mother of three and a masked vigilante known as ‘Sister Night’

“At first I kind of felt, like, how are those die-hard fans going to feel about the introduction of a new character?” King said. “I also felt a little bit of relief that I don’t have to feel like I have to live up to a character that’s so beloved.”Regina King speaking to Washington Post

Do I need to have read the Watchmen graphic novel or seen the Watchmen film?

It may be worthwhile so that you’re up to scratch with everything that’s previously happened in this world. But, we have a sneaky feeling that the HBO show will weave in flashbacks from the original plot, ensuring that casual viewers are also able to follow the guaranteed-to-be-complex plot.

HBO’s Watchmen 2019 Trailer

HBO’s Watchmen 2019 UK Release Date

Exclusively on Sky Atlantic, Watchmen will premiere on 21st October at 9pm.

HBO’s Watchmen 2019 US Release Date

Exclusively on HBO, Watchmen will premiere on 20th October at 9pm.

Where can I stream HBO’s Watchmen 2019?

You will be able to stream HBO’s Watchmen on Now TV (UK) or HBO Max (US).

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