Kids these days have it so tough. 

Apparently the term influencer now extends to rich twenty-somethings who get to live rent free in a house worth millions of pounds for the sole purpose of making TikToks. 

At least, that’s what the occupants – sorry, influencers – of the Wave House were doing last year. 

The Wave House was a £5 million mansion in Essex which had a pool, cinema room, jacuzzi, and a gym. 

Who got to live there? Six content creators, of course. 

To be fair to them, these youngsters amassed 3.8 million followers on their social accounts, with over 52.2 million likes on their 50 videos. 

Who Was In The First Wave House?

All aged between 20 to 24, these creators were from London. 

They made quite the entrance into the house. One arrived by helicopter, and another sat on a throne holding a Burmese python. Another was bathing in milk.  As you do. 

Making waves on social media, the creators all lived together in a kind of dystopian ever-so-British TikTok style Big Brother.

Unsurprisingly, not all of the members were treated too kindly online. One of the members, Carmie, posted a YouTube video defending himself against the online hate he had received. 

Carmie said: “Do people not realize what I’m actually doing? No one in the UK is doing what I’m doing. 

In a non-cringe way, Carmie added: “I’m not trying to sound cringe but I’m kind of making history in a sense for the UK.”

Why Did The First Wave House End?

It all came to an end last year. Why? 

No one really knows. It is rumoured that they ran out of money, but let’s be honest – Daddy could have chipped in to save them if this was the case. 

Others have rumoured that the original Wave House came to an end due to a possible falling out amongst the creators – but viewers are questioning whether even that was scripted.

One of the girls posted a video saying her mental health was the reason she left, however all of them left in quick succession after just three months.

It’s a mystery. 

Despite all the controversy, it looks like they are back again for a new and improved ‘season two’ – in a new and improved house. 

The New And Improved Wave House

Given that the first house was so glam, we’re not sure how the new mansion could be better, but it is – with a price tag to match. 

$20,000,000 apparently. 

This time, the house will not just include British talent, but our dear friends across the pond as well. 

Who Is In The New Wave House?

The lucky new tenants are:

Ehiz Ufuah @_ehiz 9.7m followers 🇬🇧

Ehiz has been dubbed the UK’s biggest black creator on TikTok. He is witty, weird, and wonderfully charismatic. It’s worth tuning in to the Wave House for his facial expressions alone. 

Zack Fairhurst @maddzak 3.3m followers 🇺🇸

Zack offers a breath of fresh american air. As a funny TikTok influencer, some of his best videos show him attempting to live in the ocean and on an island. He is a self proclaimed ‘Real Life Ocean Man’. 

Reagan Yorke @reaganxo 2.8m followers 🇺🇸

Another creator from the states is Reagan. She is an aspiring filmmaker, so we are sure to see some quality content involving her in the Wave House. Savvy with her editing skills, we are sure she will make for good content in front of the camera as well. 

Eloise Fouladgar @eloisefouladgar 2.7m followers 🇬🇧

No stranger to making waves, Eloise was in the previous Essex-based wave house. Having quit London City University to become a full time influencer, Eloise is sure to make another impression the second time round. 

James ‘Jimbo’ Hall @jimbo.h 1.3m followers 

Alongside Eloise will be her darling boyfriend James. Together, Eloise and James are one of the highest earning TikTok couples there are. Having a couple in the house is sure to add some juicy drama to the YouTube reality series. 

The New Series

Not only is the new Wave House going to be coming to a TikTok screen near you, it is also going to be turned into a kind of reality TV show on YouTube. 

The internet celebrities will be taking on fun, nail-biting challenges, and – as any good reality show does – will feature the house mates pitted against each other. 

The new house, the fresh faces, and the bigger budget means that this second season of the Wave House might actually be worth tuning in for (we love you Ehiz!). 

Though the influencers are clearly very lucky, they do actually have to suffer before entering the mansion. 

Each member will have to have a long white rod shoved deep into their noses, as well as down the back of their throats. This isn’t some I’m A Celebrity style challenge for the viewers’ entertainment – this is a covid test. You win some you lose some.

They also have to follow all UK government coronavirus protocols as well. These creators are special, but unfortunately for them, they aren’t above the law. 

Hype Around Season 2

The hype machine has already started with the new mask reveals having already garnered millions of views. 


Third member revealed @eloisefouladgar Next reveal tomorrow… (3/5) 👀🌊 #fyp #foryou

♬ feel something – bea miller – valen🧚🏻

We kind of hate to admit it, but we’re low-key excited to see what season 2 holds – even if we’re hate watching just a little bit. 

We’re definitely not jealous that they get to live in the house of their dreams for free… 

We know you’re curious to watch too. We won’t tell anyone about your new guilty pleasure if you don’t. 

The Wave House is returning on Friday 26th March. Tune in here