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Quirky And Funniest Weight Gain Captions 2022


Gaining weight can be disheartening and depressing, especially if you've been trying all year to lose weight. Being overly concerned with your weight will only make you feel unpleasant, unattractive, and unsuccessful. but no longer. Why not take a selfie and post it to Instagram with clever weight gain captions?

Funny Weight Gain Captions For Instagram

  • "I did put on weight. Who is to care?"
  • "Realizing that I will never fit into the small mold that society has always expected me to fill has liberated me."
  • "I began by accepting myself as I am at this time in order to bring about change in my life."
  • "When you feel good about your size, your appearance improves significantly."
  • "Who cares if you don't like me because of how I currently appear?"
  • "Without even receiving a compliment, I feel gorgeous when I am confident."
  • "Nobody can ever use your body against you once you embrace it."
  • "One body belongs to you. adore everything about it."
  • "My body is my favorite possession that I have ever possessed."
  • "Real people might be overweight, underweight, or both."
  • "When I can fall in love with my body, why should I fightit?"
  • "My life, food, and body are not and never will be flawless."
  • "It is a waste of who I am to wish I were someone else. Spend less time wishing that you were someone else. Your body, like theirs, is exquisitely crafted."
  • "Your beauty is determined by your joy. Girls that are joyful are the most attractive."
  • "I don't despise myself just because I don't have a bikini figure."

Funny Weight Gain Quotes

  • "I definitely gain weight, and I'm not naturally thin." - Bella Hadid
  • "As women gain weight, they start judging themselves. But who cares! Embrace what you have. Say, 'Belly, you might be poking out today, but I'm going to choose to love you and nurture you.'" - Ashley Graham
  • "I did gain weight, but I don't care." - Selena Gomez
  • "I gain weight and lose it again in inevitable cycles." - Gerard Depardieu

People Also Ask

What Do You Say When Someone Gain Weight?

"I'm sorry you've been struggling. Are there any ways I may help you?" Ask how you can relieve her stress instead of bringing up her weight, such as by giving her a call or taking her for a walk if she is worried about her weight.

What Are Some Good Captions For Weight Gain?

  • "If I let my obsession with my appearance go out of control, I would go insane."
  • "I make the most of each day. I don't become fixated on my weight. Beauty has multiple facets. The ideal size or definition of beauty is not universal."
  • "You are all aware that I can be thin. More quickly than I acquire weight, I lose it. My hips are definitely hot. I want others to know that curves are attractive too.

What Are Some Funny Weight Gain Captions?

  • "This is who I am. I will never change!"
  • "Because no one can be like me, there is no competition."
  • "Never be afraid to savor your meals and beverages."
  • "Life is too short to waste on phony cheese and people."


The enjoyment of life is more vital than shedding additional pounds. Even if you put on weight, you will still look stunning. Don't be scared to celebrate the holidays with your friends and family. Party, drink, and eat extra meat.

Every Instagram photo of a plus-size woman requires a killer caption. Take a selfie the next time someone tells you you've gained weight, and use the above weight gain captions to mark the occasion.

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