Wendy’s Fast-Food Burger Restaurants Set To Open Across Britain In 2020

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Published 22.10.19

It’s official: America’s favourite redhead is coming to the UK. No, not Christina Hendricks.

We’re talking about Wendy’s, the burger-centric fast-food chain; famous for its wacky concoctions, such as their square burgers and ‘Strawberry Fields Chicken Salads’.

Wendy’s have been analysing the eating behaviours of us Brits for almost a year now and they’ve come to the conclusion that their restaurants are just what we need. (I was going to say ‘just what the doctor ordered’, but, due to rising obesity levels, I felt it wasn’t entirely appropriate.)

Coming across the pond with their fingers crossed, Wendy’s are hoping that their expansive menu will prove just as popular here as other US fast-food stalwarts – from McDonalds to Taco Bell.

Wendy's UK

When is Wendy’s coming to the UK?

It’s being reported that Wendy’s will hit a range of UK cities by mid-2020. My mouth is already watering.

“The company has told its investors it aims to open the first UK restaurant as early as next year and has already begun an extensive search for sites and franchise partners.” – Thisismoney.co.uk

What will be on the UK Wendy’s menu?

You can expect to see all of Wendy’s classic offerings on their UK menu – including the Baconator, Dave’s Double and Frosties.

As long as they bring over their ‘Grilled Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich’, I’ll be satisfied.

Wendy's UK

Will Wendy’s new breakfast menu be available in the UK?

We expect so. That maple bacon chicken croissant looks like an absolute SHOUT.

Where will the UK Wendy’s Restaurants be Located?

Wendy’s is yet to confirm which locations it’s eyeing-up in the UK but we do know they plan to build 20 in the next 12-18 months. We’re confident that a handful of these restaurants will be opening in and around London (which is great news for me at least).

Additionally, Wendy’s are planning to open up an international head office on this side of the water. Will Wendy’s single-handedly save us from Brexit collapse? Perhaps so.

Are Wendy’s burgers the best in the world?

Wendy's UK

IMO, Wendy’s burgers are on par with In-N-Out burgers as the best in the world.

And, according to the Twitterverse, their nuggets are pretty dope too.

Is Wendy’s coming to the rest of Europe?

Providing that all goes well in the UK, International Division and Chief Development Officer Abigail Pringle has confirmed that there are plans in place to bring Wendy’s to the rest of Europe. Bon Appétit.

“Its arrival will act as a foot in the door in Europe to allow the company – the world’s third-largest burger chain after McDonald’s and Burger King – to take on the Continent.” – Abigail Pringle in conversation with Thisismoneyco.uk

Why is it the right time for Wendy’s to return to the UK?

Wendy’s are justifying their move back to the UK with facts suggesting that Britons are, at present, moving away from casual dining, preferring fast-food restaurants instead. What was that about obesity levels rising?

What millennials may not know is that this will be the second time the burger chain will try its luck in Great Britain. Set up in the late 20th Century, British Wendy’s restaurants were all shut down in 1999 due to rising real-estate costs. But this time, Wendy’s is coming to take-over the British Isles with its “eyes wide open”.

‘This is such an iconic brand in the States and it is interesting that they’ve decided the UK is going to be one of their key growth markets. Wendy’s markets its burgers as always fresh beef. Its unique selling point back in the States is that it is never frozen and is locally sourced, so they are aiming at the higher end of the fast-food market.”Bryan Roberts, Insights Director at TCC Global in conversation with Thisismoney.co.uk

Images via Wendy’s