Wetherspoons Has Released A New Valentine’s Day Menu And It’s Deliciously Romantic

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Published 18.01.19
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It’s quite an exciting year for me. This February 14th I’m in hospital for a check up and I can genuinely say with 100% sincerity that it will be the closest I’ve ever come to getting laid on Valentine’s Day.

So yeah, as I say, pretty exciting stuff in the pipeline for me.

After that’s done – it’s an afternoon appointment – I may even treat myself to a Valentine’s Day meal and where better to go than England’s sweetheart, Wetherspoons?

It’s either Spoons or Paris but ultimately that’s not a fair fight as I can order my food and pint of Kronenbourg from my phone at Spoons and I’m pretty sure the French capital is lagging in that area.

But it’s Valentine’s Day; I absolutely want to push the boat out. Luckily Wetherspoons has accounted for that by releasing a deliciously romantic Valentine’s menu.

For just £20, you and a partner can get two steaks, two drinks and two desserts and if that’s not a deal, then I don’t know what is.

I’ll just tell them my girlfriend is running late or something and have both steaks to myself. Who are they to know that I’ve not spoken to a girl in four months?

You don’t have to have steak though, oh no; if you so choose, you can have the romantic food the world has to offer – BBQ ribs. Still not your thing? Then choose from the large mixed grill or a Mediterranean vegetable lasagne.

Throw in an extra £5 and you can have a bottle of prosecco. Why not?

The desserts in question include a warm cookie dough sandwich with ice cream and a chocolate brownie.

That’s that day sorted then.

Bring on Easter.

Images via Wetherspoon, Getty

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