If you’re looking for an ultra-wholesome and incredibly subtle Christmas gift for the one you love, then look no further, cause these cock candles are exactly what you need.

The fragranced penis candles are a creation of the Dreamboys – who are usually known for their male stripping shows and unbelievably attractive men – but they’ve ventured into naughty homeware just in time for the festive season.

Seriously, imagine opening one of these on Christmas day in front of your nan, truly iconic.

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The huge girthy candles are definitely a stand-out piece and will be a great talking point for any visitors, and they come in three different scents and shades.

First there is Night of Passion, the pink candle which is scented like mango and passionfruit.

Then there is Pop My Cherry, which is, shockingly, scented like Black Cherry.

And finally, there is the innocently-named Like A Virgin, the yellow candle, scented like Vanilla Fruits.

The candles are available on the Dreamboys website for £9.99 each, but they’ve sold out twice in the two days they’ve been launched so be quick!

There is also a selection of small wax melts that match, for only £3 you can add a small pack to your order.

Rumour has it they’ll soon be introducing some new scents and sizes just in time for Christmas as well…

Who else is stocking up?!