There’s nothing better than settling down during the festive period and whacking on a cheesy film and drinking a bottle or six of LIDL’s finest wine is there?

We all know the classic films that make the rounds every year, and although we’ve watched them time and time again, we guarantee that none of you will have heard of these bizarre theories.

The Holiday

Graham apparently wanted to murder Amanda?

We love Jude Law’s dashing character Graham (aka Mr Napkin Face), but one wild theory from has suggested he actually isn’t all that. And might have murdering tendencies.

It outlines how Graham and sister Iris (Kate Winslet) had devised a plan to steal Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) home and wealth, before killing her – just like he allegedly did to his first wife.


Love Actually

Characters Mia and Rufus are a devil and an angel in disguise?

A fan theory has implied that Mia (the one who Alan Rickman’s character Harry cheats on Emma Thompson’s character Karen with) is meant to be the visual representation of evil… Ok.

They also suggested that Rowan Atkinson’s character Rufus (the one who does a million layers of wrapping whilst Harry is buying Mia jewellery whilst out with his wife) is an angel.

Daniel is in love with Karen

Now this one we can potentially get on board with. A Twitter user pointed out Daniel (Liam Neeson) who is grieving the death of his wife could actually have feelings for Karen (Emma Thompson), whose marriage is breaking down.

Why? Because not only do they ring each other in their time of need and constantly console one another, but also, when Daniel bumps into Claudia Schiffer at the end of the film, he calls her Karen. KAREN is on his mind, not beautiful and perfect Claudia Schiffer.


Buddy is a bit of a perve

So a Reddit fan theory has claimed that Will Ferrell’s character Buddy is not actually as innocent and naive as he makes out.

Why? Well, first of all, he excuses himself from watching Jovie in the shower by saying he “didn’t know” she was naked in the shower despite the fact he was naked in the shower at the North Pole earlier in the film.

The theory claims he also “brutally injures multiple children on their way home from school” in the snowball fight and “uses his obsession with syrup to get horribly s**t-faced on the job”.

He also “uses his so-called innocence to verbally abuse a man” in the scenes with “elf” Miles Finch (played by Peter Dinklage).

Home Alone

Kevin’s uncle is the one behind it all

A theory on Crave theory insists Uncle Frank is behind the criminal activity in Home Alone, and wants to make Kevin’s life a living hell.

They continued to explain that Frank hates his brother Peter’s family because he refuses to contribute towards the massive $122 bill for the pizza.

He also clearly hates Kevin seeing as he calls him a little jerk. Makes perfect sene.

Kevin is actually is Jigsaw from Saw

Okay well this one’s a little far-fetched isn’t it.

Grantland’s fan theory suggests an unlikely connection between the horror film and festive movie, thanks to Kevin McAllister and Jigsaw’s similarities.

Firstly, Kevin sets up some impressive and elaborate pranks – which are eerily similar to the tortures from Saw, such as the walking painful things.

The eight-year-old is also strangely interested in his neighbour Old Man Marley, who is rumoured to be a serial killer, and Jigsaw and Kevin have similarities in the way they look…

Do you believe any of these theories?

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