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What Happens If An App Gets 1 Star On Play Store?


What happens if an app gets 1 star on Play Store? The Google Play Store is where we get the programs we need, and it contains millions of apps. The Google Play Store has a rating system for apps, and everyone wants to know what happens when an app receives one star.

Please read this post if you want to know about the Google Play Store and want to know what happens if an app gets 1 star on Play Store.

What Is Google Play?

The Google Play Store, formerly known as the Android Market, is a digital distribution service operated and created by Google.

It serves as the official app store for devices authorized to run Android and its derivatives, as well as Chrome OS, allowing users to browse and download apps developed with the Android software development kit and published by Google.

Google Play is a digital media store that offers music, books, movies, and television shows. Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Books material can be accessed via a web browser in addition to the Android and iOS apps.

History Of Google Play

Google Play is divided into three sections: Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore.Google introduced the Android Market on August 28, 2008, and on October 22, 2008, customers were granted access.

In December 2010, content screening was added to the Android Market, a promotional image was added to the top of each program's description page, and the maximum software size was increased from 25 to 50 gigabytes.

How to rate and review apps in Google Play | #Makeknowledgefree

Chrome OS gained access to the Google Play Store in September 2016, which includes all Android applications. In May 2021, Google Play will add a new section to its storefront containing privacy-related information for all apps.

Comparable to the privacy labels on the App Store, the concept is scheduled to appear in the first half of 2022.

Using this feature, users will be able to see what data each app collects, whether the data is encrypted and whether they may opt out of being tracked by the app.

Google Play's Rating Methodology

Here are Rating Coalition (IARC) and app developers.

South Korea's Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC) has approved Google Play's ratings. Google Play content ratings are used to:

  • Alert you to possibly objectionable content within an application.
  • If necessary, you can block or filter your content in specific regions or for specific users.

What Happens If An App Receives One Star On Google Play?

You can rate apps with stars in the Google Play Store based on your own preferences. The Google Play Store allows for a one-star rating. If 10 million users give it at least one star, the rating will drop below one. If a mobile application receives one million one-star ratings, nothing will occur.

It is unlikely that an app will be withdrawn from the Google Play store even if its rating falls below one star. A one-star rated app will continue to be available for download even after receiving negative reviews.

Google will just monitor the software to determine if it contains any malware or viruses; if it does, the app will be uninstalled; otherwise, nothing will occur.

In Play Console, you may get a summary of your app's ratings, individual user reviews, and categorized statistics regarding your app's reviews.

Users can rate and review your application on Google Play. Users can only rate an application once, but they can alter their minds at any time by revising their rating or review.

The Google Play store does not provide ratings for every app. Parental controls are applied to unrated apps as high-maturity apps until they receive a rating.

You won't see any Unrated apps in the Play Store app if parental controls have been configured to limit apps and games to a specific rating.

Play Store rating section
Play Store rating section

People Also Ask

What Happen If 1 Star In Play Store?

An app with a rating of 1 star will remain available for download after receiving low ratings. But since most app downloads are based on reviews, this will have a big effect on app downloads in the future.

Do 1 Star Apps Get Removed On Apple Store?

Apple will not remove an app from the Software Store solely because it has received several one-star ratings. However, if the app violates Apple's regulations in any manner, it will be deleted and your Apple Developer Program license agreement will be canceled.

What Rating Does An App Need To Be Removed?

No, rating never determines an app's existence on the Play Store.

Does The App Rating Matter?

Ratings and reviews of an app are crucial for its discovery and reach. Visitors to app stores are significantly more likely to download apps with high ratings and numerous favorable reviews.

What Happens When App Rating Is Low In Play Store?

Generally, apps with a rating of fewer than four stars will not be featured. A low grade indicates that the app has difficulties that must be rectified before it can be featured with confidence. Featuring an app that irritates consumers would only diminish user confidence in the featured apps.

What Happens When You Rate An App?

Users can give your app a star rating on a scale of one to five. The summary rating of your app, which appears on your product page and in search results, is based on user ratings. When you publish a new version of your app, you have the option to reset this summary rating, which is unique to each region on the App Store.

How Do I Increase My App Rating?

  • While they are utilizing your software, ask users to rate it; do not ask them to do so while they are working on something crucial.
  • Never ask brand-new users to rate your application.
  • Make it simple for customers to rate your app by using a plugin.
  • Don't utilize push notifications to solicit ratings.


What happens if an app gets 1 star on Play Store? The success of your app in Google Play and the App Store depends heavily on app ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are used by people to decide whether or not to download an app. Reviews and ratings for applications have an impact on people's decisions to download them.

It is well known that apps with star ratings lower than four have a diminished possibility of being included. A low app rating indicates that flaws must be resolved before retailers can confidently promote the app.

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