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What Is An Omni Bet In Horse Racing? Best Strategies In 2022


What is an Omni Bet in horse racing? If you've ever dabbled in placing wagers on international horse races, you've probably come across a strange wager known as the Omni/Swinger.

Which exactas, trifectas, and superfectas are the most common, and where does the Omni/Swinger fall in? How challenging is it to play and hit the Omni/Swinger? Let's get in and look into the specifics.

Omni/Swinger Bet

So, what is an Omni Bet in horse racing? One of the simpler exotic wagers to succeed at is the Omni/Swinger. Similar to an exacta, you must choose at least two horses.

However, the Omni/Swinger only needs your two horses to place in the top three, and the order is irrelevant, unlike an exacta where you must choose the top two finishers in the right order. They can finish first and second, first and third, or second and third, and you still win.

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In the Omni/Swinger, you are not constrained to employing just two horses. If you'd like, you can wager on multiple horses, boosting your likelihood of success. Here is where more sophisticated betting tactics are used.

Omni/Swinger Betting Strategies

What happens if you want to play more than two horses?There are a few options for moving forward.

You may, for instance, highlight one horse over the others. You might be confident that Horse #1 will place in the top three but unsure of whether to pair him with Horses #5 or #7 in the Omni/Swinger. In this case, playing "1 with 5,7", basically two Omni/Swinger bets: "1 with 5" and "1 with 7", might be the winning tactic.

You win your wager if #1, #5, and/or #7 place in the top three. In fact, if positions 1, 5, and 7 all place in the top three, you'll get two payouts.

Boxing three or more horses in the Omni/Swinger is an additional tactic. Say you don't have a preference for one candidate over the others but think #2, #4, and #8 are all likely to place in the top three.

Boxing them equates to placing three "2 with 4," "2 with 8," and "4 with 8" Omni/Swinger bets. If you correctly predict that numbers 2, 4, and 8 will finish 1-2-3 in any order, you will hit the Omni/Swinger three times.

You will only hit the Omni/Swinger once if you are half correct and just two of your horses place in the top three.

People Also Ask

What Is The Best Exotic Bet In Horse Racing?

The exacta is one of the most common types of exotic betting. The odds of winning it are higher than those of any other real-money exotic horse racing wager, and it is one of the simplest for beginners to understand.

What Is An Omni Bet At Ascot?

All races featuring six or more runners are eligible for the Omni wager. You must correctly guess two racers to place in the top three spots in order to win. Each winner is rewarded with a different dividend.

What Is The Smartest Bet In Horse Racing?

The horse wagers with the highest payouts are accumulators. An accumulator bet has a lower chance of success because all of your horse racing picks must win (or place if each way). However, because the odds are better, this offers you the largest rewards.


So, what is an Omni Bet in horse racing? Instead of betting on each race separately, gamblers can place bets on all races at once with an omni bet.

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