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What Is Brad Pitt Doing With His Tuxedo At Venice Film Festival?


People love Brad Pitt's new, carefree aesthetic, but as his most recent outfit shows, there is such a thing as being too carefree. He was wearing a kinda weirdyet cool outfit at the Venice Film Festival which leads to the question in the minds of people, "what is Brad Pitt doing with his tuxedo?"

The raunchy ensemble-cast action-comedy Bullet Train is presently being promoted across the world by the 58-year-old Hollywood icon, who has been continually putting his co-stars down with his distinctive sense of style.

Pitt has been sporting some really comfortable yet stylish ensembles that are helping to change the standard for what constitutes appropriate red carpet clothing. This may be due to the fast-paced nature of the marketing tour. In essence, it meant wearing an excessive number of shoes with suits and a lot of leisure suits.

But his most recent bout of laziness may have gone too far. Pitt walked the red carpet for the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde, which he co-produced, at the 79th Venice International Film Festival. He wore a loose-fitting tuxedo, aviator sunglasses, and a pair of black Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

WTFwhat is Brad Pitt doing with his tuxedo? He's actually sinned in three separate ways here in terms of style.

Brad Pitt wearing a black and white suit
Brad Pitt wearing a black and white suit

He has first fastened both of his jacket's buttons. Men, always keep in mind the proverb: on top sometimes, medium always, and bottom never. He ought to have merely fastened the top button in this instance.

Second, he was wearing an uncomfortable suit at the Venice Film Festival! People are certain that a man with a net worth of about $300 million USD could afford a better tailor. Brad wearing one of their tuxes would be the ultimate endorsement for designer labels.

Most significantly, it's never a good idea to wear sneakers with a tuxedo, though people will probably overlook this one. With the shades and baggy pants, he gives off the impression of a skater who was hurriedly forced to dress properly, which people kind of enjoy.

Brad had shown the day before that casual clothes were in style by wearing rainbow-colored sneakers, burgundy sweatpants, and a t-shirt.

The relaxed and timeless outfits come a little over a month after Brad wore a chic skirt at the Bullet Train movie premiere in Berlin on July 19. More recently, on August 19, for the film's South Korean debut, Brad walked the red carpet in a seductive hot pink suit.

The new Netflixfilm Blonde, starring 34-year-old Ana de Armas as the late actress Marilyn Monroe, examines her life. Brad is a producer on the movie, even though he doesn't feature in it; it will be released in a few theaters in the US on September 16.

Ana de Armas & Brad Pitt Premiere BLONDE at Venice Film Festival

Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Tracey Landon, Scott Robertson, and Christina Oh, who serves as executive producer, are other producers working with Brad. On the red carpet with Brad, the film's main actress, Ana, looked stunning in a flowing pink gown.

To commemorate the movie's premiere, both actors were photographed alongside one another on the red carpet. Ana embodied Marilyn with a throwback appearance as she wore a floor-length pink gown.

She also wore a striking diamond choker and bracelet, which were covered with diamonds. The Deep Water actress also styled her stunning brunette hair in traditional Hollywood curls to ape Marilyn's well-known appearance.

Adrien Brody, Xavier Samuel, Bobby Cannavale, Sara Paxton, and others are featured in the Netflixfilm Blonde. Blonde will premiere in a few theaters on Friday, but it will also be available globally on Netflix starting on September 28.

It looks like Brat Pitt is really good at breaking the norms. Have a look at his red carpet in LA in August 2022.

Brad Pitt Bullet Train Outfit Broke All The Norms

In Los Angeles, Brad Pitt opted out of the typical black tuxedo and navy suits worn by leading men. Pitt, on the other hand, favored vivid colors, three of them, in fact. During the film's premiere, he gave the audience a lot of bright colors in an elegant and tasteful way.

What contributed to Pitt's suit's success? The way he stacked it was the key. Pitt wore a teal polo shirt underneath his brilliant green linen suit, which was most likely created by the same designer, Haans Nicholas Mott, who has created all of Pitt's Bullet Train ensembles.

Brad Pitt wearing a green chic outfit at the premiere of "Bullet Train"
Brad Pitt wearing a green chic outfit at the premiere of "Bullet Train"

People Also Ask

Why Was Brad Pitt At The Venice Film Festival?

Brad Pitt was at the Venice Film Festival for the promotion of his movie, Blonde.

What Was Brad Pitt Wearing At The Venice Film Festival?

He was wearing a loose-fitting tuxedo, aviator sunglasses, and a pair of black Adidas Gazelle sneakers.

Which Shoes Did Brad Pitt Wear At The Venice Film Festival?

Brad Pitt was wearing Adidas Gazelles, possibly the Gucci version, at the Venice Film Festival to promote the movie "Blonde".


What is Brad Pitt doing with his tuxedo at the Venice Film Festival? It can be said that Pitt is a self-described architectural nut. He is aware that all kinds of art include pushing and pulling. For some people, he might look off, but again some people are enjoying his chic look.

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