What Is Channel 4’s Reality TV Show ‘The Circle’? When Does It Start, How Does It Work And Is Emma Willis Presenting?

Max JenkinsMax Jenkins in Entertainment, TV
Published 04.09.19

The Circle is coming back for a brand new season on Channel 4 and with a brand new cast. It is filling the void left by Big Brother and we love it.

The show is ready for its second season – and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is The Circle about?

For those who don’t know, The Circle is a cross between Catfish, Love Island and Black Mirror. It has eight contestants moving into a refurbished block of flats with their own personal apartments. They then communicate with each other through the mysterious medium of ‘The Circle’.

The Circle is a social media platform and contestants play using their own avatars.

Throughout the series contestants rate one another out of five and the ones with the highest scores become ‘influencers’. They then have to choose which player to block.

Their scores are listed from highest to lowest which is done through communicating online using their avatars. It doesn’t even have their real names. Those with the lowest ratings are ‘blocked’ and eliminated from the competition, but have the opportunity to meet one other player face to face before they leave.

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What happened in the first season of The Circle?

The first season ended with ‘Kate’ taking home the jackpot of £50,000 after her fellow finalists decided she was worthy of the coin. But to their shock, ‘Kate’ was actually a bloke called Alex who used his girlfriend’s photograph to con them into thinking he was a lady.

To make things all the better, ‘Kate’ also won the viewers’ vote, taking home the total sum of £75,000.

Where is The Circle filmed?

Despite scepticism from the audience at first, The Circle was a success – with Netflix buying the rights to make three ‘local’ versions, taking the action away from London and into the wider UK. As such, this new season is filmed in Salford.

Who is presenting The Circle?

The show has replaced season one hosts Alice Levine and Maya Jama with hosting goddess Emma Willis.


Mow much does the winner of The Circle get?

The ante has been upped with the revelation that the £75,000 winning has been raised to £100,000.

Channel 4 Deputy Director of Programmes Kelly Webb-Lamb says of the new season: ‘The second series will have more of what the viewers loved – warmth, humour, more live elements and even more surprises.

‘I’m excited to see how it will build on the success of series one.

‘This year we have some thrilling twists and turns in both our casting and the gameplay.’

Emma Willis is the new host after the unceremonious cancellation f both versions of Big Brother after eighteen long and entertaining years.

Emma said of her new role: ‘I’m delighted to be part of something incredibly relevant and can’t wait to see how mischievous people are prepared to be for £100,000.’

When does The Circle start?

The Circle begins later this month although the exact start date has not yet been confirmed.

Last year the series began on 18 September – so we can expect it to be similar.

It usually lasts for three weeks.

Is there an app for The Circle?

Yes, there is now an app, giving viewers the chance to influence the narrative of the show.