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What Is The Place Where A Secretary Transacts Business, Such As Preserving Records, Called?


What is the place where a secretary transacts business, such as preserving records, called?It is called the secretariat.

The detailed answer to the question "what is the place where a secretary transacts business, such as preserving records, called?" like what is that and how does it work is given below.

What Is Secretariat In UN?

The General Assembly, the Security Council, and other bodies give the Secretariat instructions on how to carry out the substantive and administrative tasks of the UN. The Secretary-General, who oversees all administrative decisions, sits at its helm.

Secretariat Functions

The Secretariat's primary responsibilities include:

  • Gathering and preparing background information on various issues so that government delegates can examine the evidence and offering recommendations.
  • Assisting in the implementation of decisions made by the various UN organs.
  • Planning international conferences.
  • Translating speeches and distributing documents into the UN's official languages.
  • Guiding the public about the United Nations activities.

The Secretariat employed about 43,000 people worldwide as of June 30, 2012. Staff members and the Secretary-General take an oath not to ask for or accept instructions from any government or outside authority because they are international civil servants who report solely to the United Nations for their operations.

Each Member State is required by the Charter to respect the purely international nature of the Secretary-General's and staff's obligations and to desist from attempting to unfairly influence them as they carry out their duties.

Even though the United Nations is based in New York, it has offices all over the world, including large ones in Addis Abeba, Bangkok, Beirut, Geneva, Nairobi, Santiago, and Vienna.


On the Security Council's proposal, the General Assembly appoints the Secretary-General for a five-year term. The Secretary-General is a representative of United Nations values and a spokesperson for the interests of the world's people, particularly the impoverished and vulnerable among them.

He or she is equal parts diplomat and advocate, civil servant, and CEO. The eighth person to hold the position of Secretary-General is Mr. Ban Ki-moon of the Republic of Korea, who assumed office on January 1, 2007, and was appointed to a second term beginning on January 1, 2012.


  • Bringing forward topics for discussion by the General Assembly or any other UN body.
  • Presiding over disagreements between Member States as a "referee".
  • Each Secretary-General also talks about his job in terms of his own time in office.

The Secretary-General's use of his "good offices", actions taken in public and privately, drawing on his independence, impartiality, and integrity, is one of the most important roles he plays in preventing the emergence, escalation, or spread of international disputes.

Sometimes, as a result of his mediation, the issues are resolved before they reach the point of open conflict or without ever having to go before the Security Council or the General Assembly.

People Also Ask

What Is The Role Of A Secretariat?

The Secretariat is in charge of carrying out the substantive and administrative work of the United Nations as instructed by the General Assembly, Security Council, and other organizations. The Secretary-General, who offers overall administrative leadership, is at the helm.

What Does Secretariat Mean?

An office in charge of a legislative body's, executive council's, or international organization's secretarial, clerical, and administrative affairs

What Is Another Term For Secretariat?

  • Chancery.
  • Office of the clerk.
  • Secretary's office.


What is the place where a secretary transacts business, such as preserving records, called? it is the secretariat. Most people think of a famous red racehorse when they hear the word "secretariat."

However, the phrase is actually a noun that refers to a location where a secretary conducts work, such as keeping records, managing mail, setting up meetings, etc. Officials in charge of high-level administrative responsibilities, particularly those connected with international organizations like the United Nations, are also referred to by this title.

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