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What Light Beer Claimed To Be Less Filling And Taste Great?


What light beer claimed to be less filling and taste great? Miller Lite beer was claimed to be less filling and taste great. It was a prevalent misperception that you couldn't enjoy a light beer while drinking it but Miller Lite beer denied that misconception.

Miller Lite Great Taste Less Filling (1974)

Philip Morris had acquired Miller in 1970. They also sought to enter the beer industry with force. After a disastrous entry into the low-calorie beer market, Miller Brewing required its High Life brand to be well-known. They contacted the McCann-Erickson agency in New York.

McCann suggested that the competition should come from the market of heavy beer drinkers. The market for light beer drinkers was quite modest back then (practically non-existent).

So, what light beer claimed to be less filling and taste great? It was Meister Brau Lite beer. Meister Brau Lite beer was modified and renamed Miller Lite by Miller.

Iconic Ads: Miller Lite - Great Taste, Less Filling - commercials from the 70's & 80's

With the less filled aspect, four to five advertisements had been produced. They also stressed that taste needed to be highlighted when they were exhibited to the clients. There was also the customary dispute between the creative team and account management.

"I drink it because it tastes delicious,"VS "I drink it because it is less full."

Then, in a commercial that was filmed in a Manhattan bar, art director Bob Lenz came up with the idea to have a retired athlete to endorse the light beer. Former New York Jet Matt Snell, a "Super Bowl hero" in 1969, was employed by them. Even the original script didn't include the well-known phrase.

Snell initially said, “You know, new Lite Beer from Miller is all you ever wanted in a beer … and less,”during the shoot. Snell continued by stating that compared to regular beer, Miller Lite had a third fewer calories and carbs. Later, the phrase "less filling" was substituted for the former phrase "carbs."

Miller Lite took on the argument and in each of its commercials, two male idols argued whether great taste or less filling was preferable. And you could have both with Miller Lite, the first beer ever in the light category!

The tagline was sharpened to "Tastes Great - Less Filling." The company went on to use almost exclusively athletes in its commercial casting. As a result of the successful advertising, light beer finally captured half of the market.

People Also Ask

What Beer Is Less Filling And Tastes Great?

Miller Lite beer is less filling and tastes great.

Who Said Tastes Great Less Filling?

The Phillip Morris subsidiary Miller Brewing Company introduced a new low-calorie beer in 1973 under the tagline "Tastes Great. Less Filling." The beer segment was wholly new thanks to Miller Lite.

What Is Miller Lite Slogan?

"Great Taste, Less Filling" is Miller Lite beer's slogan.


What light beer claimed to be less filling and taste great? In essence, Miller Lite was the first widely available light beer when it was released on a national scale in 1975.

A magazine placed Miller Lite's long-running "Tastes Great!...Less Filling!" advertising campaign as the seventh finest advertising campaign in history.

During the height of the advertising campaign, television commercials frequently featured a Lite Beer consumer complimenting the beverage's flavor before another person commented that it wasn't as filling. As the ads continued, prominent athletes and celebritiesstarted to appear in them.

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