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What To Know About Eurovision 2023

The success of Eurovision is nothing short of staggering. Each year, more than 160 million people tune in to watch the world’s biggest singing competition. And if you’ve ever watched the event yourself, then you’ll know why.

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The success of Eurovisionis nothing short of staggering. Each year, more than 160 million people tune in to watch the world’s biggest singing competition. And if you’ve ever watched the event yourself, then you’ll know why. There’s just something so entertaining about watching people in colorful outfits perform cheesy but lovable pop songs. This year’s event promises to be bigger than ever and there’s much to look forward to. On this page, we’ll run through everything you need to know, including when and where it’ll take place, why it may be worth using a betting offerto back the UK to win, and how you can attend the event yourself.
Whether you’re there in person or just watching from home, it’s not an event you’ll want to miss!

When Is Eurovision 2023?

First, let’s take a look at the key details. The main event — the Eurovision Grand Final — will take place on Saturday May 13th, at 8pm local time. However, there will also be two events before then. The two semi-finals, which will determine who will compete in the grand final, will take place on Tuesday May 9th and Thursday May 11th. In truth, most casual viewers skip the semi-finals and just tune in for the final, but if you’re a hardcore Eurovision fan, then the semi-finals are also essential viewing.

Liverpool: The Host With a Musical History

The 2023 Eurovision song contest was supposed to be held in Ukraine, last year’s victors, but this year that’s not possible. An appropriately musical city, Liverpool, stepped up to host the event on Ukraine’s behalf.
The semi-finals and final will take place at the M&S Arena on Liverpool’s famous waterfront. The city will also feature a host of Eurovision related events, too, including fan zones where attendees can gather with like-minded individuals to enjoy live performances, challenges and much more. Even if you can’t get a ticket to the event, it’s worthwhile visiting Liverpool if you have the option to do so, because it promises to be a terrific atmosphere.

Attending the Event

Let’s say you’ve got your eyes on attending the event in person. How can you do that? Tickets are currently on sale for both the semi-finals and final, but you’ll have to act fast to get your hands on one, especially if you want to attend the final. Ticket prices begin at £30 and run up to £380, with the cheaper tickets available for the semi-finals. If it’s a dream of yours to attend the Eurovision Grand Final, then it may be worthwhile splashing the cash to get front-row seats.
If you can’t be there, then consider grabbing some friends and hosting your own Eurovision partyin the comfort of your own home — karaoke is encouraged!
Eurovision Party
Eurovision Party

Which Countries Are Taking Part?

There are 37 countries competing in the Eurovision Contest. However, only 26 countries will make it through to the final. We don’t know who the majority of the finalists will be, but there are six countries who we know will be there on the night — Ukraine, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy all have automatic entry into the Grand Final.

Who Will Win Eurovision 2023?

Now, that’s a big question. Part of the fun of Eurovision is that it’s (nearly) impossible to predict who will win. There’s always a surprise package that delivers an unlikely performance on the big night that takes the votes. With that being said, there are already some front runners who you imagine will do well — Finland, Ukraine, and Norway look set to have good years.
However, there’s also a chance that the United Kingdom performs well on the evening. They are currently underdogs at a best price of 25/1 on OddsChecker, yet have an outside shot of stunning the crowd. The host country also picks up some extra points if they put on a great show, and all the signs are that Liverpool is preparing something extra special. Don’t be surprised if the UK does better than expected, and perhaps even wins the competition.
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