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When The Narcissist Sees You With Someone Else - What Happens Next?

When the narcissist sees you with someone else, stop thinking how your narcissistic ex will feel when they discover you have moved on in the hopes that it will make them want you back.

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Oct 27, 202295 Shares2016 Views
When the narcissist sees you with someone else, stop thinking how your narcissistic ex will feel when they discoveryou have moved on in the hopes that it will make them want you back.
Don't let them hurt you any more; it took a lot of courage to leave an abusive relationship that left a deep wound.
It's much more crucial to avoid them and not fall for their tricks if they were the one who ended your relationship.
There is no such thing as an ex-narcissist, and all you can anticipate from them is more of the same abuse you have already experienced.
However, there are actions you can do to prevent it from occurring if you're concerned that the narcissist may damage you again if they discover you're seeing someone else. Your abuser was removed, and you have the authority to keep them gone.

When A Narcissist Notices You With Someone Else, These 10 Things Will Occur.

  • They don’t believe you’ve moved on
  • They’ll try to pit you two against each other
  • They’ll act jealous
  • They’ll become very possessive
  • They’ll start rumors
  • They’ll call you non-stop
  • They’ll start acting crazy and erratic
  • They promise to become a better person
  • They pretend it doesn’t bother them
  • They are hurt that you’ve moved on

Love Yourself First And Everything Else Falls Into Place

Two people Kissing
Two people Kissing
To place a priority on liking oneself first may come out as arrogant or egotistical. Yet it isn't.
The goal is not to embrace aspects of yourself that you should truly alter or to think that you are superior to others. It's about creating a positive and supportive bond with... you!
Committing to who you are, realizing the various complexities of your identity, and treating oneself with the same amount of care and closeness that we generally save for other people are all parts of loving yourself.
Sadly, we don't learn to love ourselves until later in life. And as a result, we start to care more about what other people think of us than we do about our basic needs.
In order to provide a free masterclass on improving our relationships via the cultivation of self-love, we collaborated with Rudá Iandê.

What Happens When The Narcissist Sees You With Someone Else?

A woman thinking
A woman thinking
The narcissist's response when they see you dating someone else will be directly tied to how your relationship ended.
A narcissist would only regret leaving you if they see your happiness. It has nothing to do with love or wanting to share in your happiness; instead, it is entirely motivated by their ego.
A narcissist only returns to ruin what's left of you because they want to win in the relationship, the breakup, or whatever game they're playing.
Despite the fact that they no longer need you, they nonetheless want you to be patient. Do you truly want to satisfy them in that way?
Depending on how things turned out, the narcissist you departed from may respond as follows if they saw you with a new person.
A narcissist chooses a mate they feel is on an equal footing with them because they feel superior to others.
Because of your objectively positive traits as well as their idealization and projection, they decided to date you. They saw no wrongdoing in you.

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When The Narcissist Sees You Have Moved On?

They'll assault them because your new partner serves as a continual reminder that they weren't good enough for you and that you've moved on to someone else.
They'll start distributing false information about your new partner and defaming them everywhere.

Can A Narcissist Change In A New Relationship?

Narcissists are unable to change, according to psychologists, therapists, and neuroscientists.
They are fixated on an idealized version of themselves that they see as being superior to everyone else.

What Scares The Narcissist The Most?

Narcissists are scared of being left alone, and abandonment is their worst dread. Even though they may never confess it, giving them clear limits or refusing to give in to their chaotic manipulation will make them fear losing you.


It might seem like you're giving up something significant when you cut all connections with someone who formerly meant a lot to you, but doing so can be the only way to fully get rid of the abuse from your life. Your healing will be significantly slowed if you keep them around.
If you have children together, for instance, it may not be feasible to fully cut them out of your life, but try to go as far as you can to protect yourself from further violence.
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