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Which 1980's Band Named Itself After A French Fashion Magazine Of The Same Name?


Which 1980's band named itself after a French fashion magazine of the same name? In the 1980s, the well-known band Depeche Mode, which got its name from a French fashion magazine with the same name, came out of nowhere to lead the invasion of electronic musicand gain a cult-like following around the world.

Depeche Mode

Which 1980's band named itself after a French fashion magazine of the same name? It was Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode established their mark by standing out in a time of conformity. They were English musicians that were forced into pop stardom in the 1980s despite their reluctance and ineptitude.

And when they were at the height of their game, fame nearly ruined them. One of the main factors contributing to their misstep was how much their accomplishment touched them.

Depeche Mode's mega-hit song "Enjoy the Silence" also declares that "words are very pointless, they can only do harm," so we're going to counteract all the words in this blog with a lot of their music.

In 1980, a quartet called Depeche Mode was established in Basildon, Essex, in the United Kingdom.

In addition to Vince Clarke on keyboards, lead and backup vocals, it included Dave Gahan on lead vocals, Martin Gore on keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals, and Andy Fletcher on keyboards, bass guitar, and backing vocals.

Gore gave the background and explanation for the band's name, which was derived from the French fashion publication Dépêche Mode. Gore explained, “It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch. I like the sound of that.

Gahan, Gore, and Fletcher make up the trio's current line-up; the group has been a trio since 1995. The remaining musical responsibilities are often handled by touring and session musicians.

Depeche Mode was approached by Mute Records in 1980 while they were performing in and around London. In response, a number of singles were released, including "Dreaming of Me" and their first-ever UK Top 10 smash, "I Just Can't Get Enough."

After a few performances and a few more singles, Depeche Mode issued A Broken Frame, their second album, in 1982. Hit tracks including "See You" and "The Meaning of Love" were included.

Depeche Mode are one of the most well-known and significant electronic music artists of all time thanks to their innovative sampling and recording techniques.

Metal bands like Lacuna Coil (Enjoy the Silence) and Rammstein (Stripped) have even covered some of their songs because of their gloomy musical undertones and lyrical topics.

People Also Ask

What Is Depeche Mode Named After?

The famous electropop band Depeche Mode is named after the French fashion magazine "Depeche Mode".

What Is Depeche Mode Meaning?

The band name Depeche Mode was taken from the now-defunct fashion magazine of the same name, which roughly translates to "fashion news" in English.

Who Was In The Band Depeche Mode?

  • Dave Gahan.
  • Andrew Fletcher.
  • Martin Gore.
  • Alan Wilder.
  • Vince Clarke.


Which 1980's band named itself after a French fashion magazine of the same name? English electronic band Depeche Mode was founded in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The band's and magazine's name is "Fashion News" OR "Update on Fashion. Depeche Mode, a byproduct of the British New Romantic movement, went on to dominate the electropop scene in the 1980s.

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