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Which City Has The World’s Largest Network Of Aerial Cable Cars?


Which city has the world’s largest network of aerial cable cars? It is La Paz–El Alto in Bolivia.

Mi Teleférico La Paz, Bolivia

Which city has the world’s largest network of aerial cable cars? The world's highest urban region, La Paz-El Alto in Bolivia, is served by the largest aerial cable car system known as Mi Teleférico (which translates to "my cable car").

The capital of the nation, La Paz, is 3,650 meters above sea level and home to over 800,000 people. El Alto, a developing city above La Paz on the Altiplano plateau and a less developed metropolitan region, is more than 4,000 meters above sea level. The Aymaran people, an indigenous ethnicity from the Andes, make up the majority of its one million inhabitants.

Both the longest ropeway project and the highest cable car system in the world are held by Mi Teleférico. It now has 20 stations spread out over six routes and 23 kilometers of lines.

With five more lines and a total of 30 stations, it will be extended to at least 34 kilometers. The maximum hourly capacity for each line is 6,000 passengers.

There are 10 seats in each car. Every 12 seconds, a car leaves, and the network is open throughout the day. Mi Teleférico served 243,000 users daily on average in 2017. The Ministry of Public Works, Services, and Housing of Bolivia created the project's initial phase.

The Austrian-Swiss company Doppelmayr Garaventa Group (Doppelmayr), a leading ropeway manufacturer with 1,397 full-time employees, planned and built Phases I and II. Mi Teleférico, a state-owned organization (SOE), employs 481 people full-time and manages the assets.

One of the few transportation initiatives in Latin America without a grant or financial assistance from the government is Mi Teleférico. It showed an operating surplus of USD 5.8 million in 2018, which shows that from a financial point of view, this socially inclusive business strategy is a good one.

La Paz Cable Car Price

One ticket costs three bolivianos. This ticket allows travel on a full line but not on any other lines.

People Also Ask

Which City Has The Worlds Largest Network Of Aerial Cable Cars?

With 10 lines, more than 30 kilometers of extension, and an average of 160 thousand users per day, La Paz has the largest urban cable network in the world.

Which City Has The Most Cable Cars?

The San Francisco cable car system in the Californian city of San Francisco is the most well-known cable car system currently in use.

Which Country Has The Most Cable Cars?

Bolivia has the largest cable car network in the world.


Which city has the world’s largest network of aerial cable cars? It is Bolivia's, La Paz. One of the world's tallest cities is La Paz, Bolivia, which is located at over 12,000 feet above sea level.

Mi Teleférico, its urban cable car system, is the biggest and tallest in the entire globe. Mi Teleférico, which currently has eight lines running around the city, is thought to carry about 250,000 passengers per day over its roughly 20-mile network!

The way inhabitants commute between La Paz and the nearby city of El Alto has been changed by the extensive network of gondolas that soar above the city.

Mi Teleférico, which was constructed to ease terrible traffic congestion, is also lowering smog and air pollution. The breathtaking views from the gondolas are accessible to everyone! For visitors of all kinds, La Paz is a fascinating city.

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