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Which State Has The One-Word Motto "Hope"?


Which state has the one-word motto "Hope"?The word "Hope" serves as Rhode Island's official state motto. The arms of the state, which are depicted on Rhode Island's great seal and state flag, bear the state motto.

The biblical phrase "hope we have as an anchor of the soul" is likely what inspired the use of the word "hope."

Which state has the one-word motto "hope"? "Hope," Rhode Island's official state motto, is a straightforward and lovely phrase. The state's arms bear the slogan, which is also displayed on Rhode Island's great seal and flag.

There is no official record from the time when Rhode Island first started using this slogan which explains why the words were chosen. On May 4, 1664, the Rhode Island General Assembly formally adopted the colony's first seal, which featured an anchor with the word "Hope" above it.

The Rhode Island Historical Society's 1930 publication of Howard M. Chapin's historical notes, Illustrations Of The Seals, Arms, And Flags of Rhode Island, is the most likely source for the origin of the word "Hope" in this context.

Other State Slogans Of Rhode Island

While the aim of the Rhode Island motto is to express the state's positive attitudes, it is as follows: "Hope". As you will see, some of Rhode Island's state slogans are more serious than others and are intended to draw tourists in particular: "Unwind in New England"

According to the Rhode Island Travel and Tourism Guide at RhodeIslandGuide.org, this is the state motto for Rhode Island.

  • "Rhode Island: We're Not REALLY An Island"
  • "Rhode Island: Size Ain't Everything"
  • "Things Look BIGGER in Rhode Island"
  • "Rhode Island: Small, Yes, But We Know What to Do with It!"~ Joe Lex ~
  • "2,490 Square Miles. Suck It, Rhode Island"
  • "Rhode Island: It's Like the Period at the End of a 49 Word Sentence"

People Also Ask

What State's Motto Is Hope?

Rhode Island's motto is "Hope".

Why Is Rhode Island's State Motto Hope?

The phrase "hope we have as an anchor of the soul," found in Hebrews, Verse 6:18-19, was probably the source for the seal's words and symbols. The word "Hope" was added over the seal's anchor after Roger Williams was granted a legal charter in England in 1644, and it is still there today.

What Small New England States Motto Is Hope?

It is Rhode Island. The colonial seal of Rhode Island was given an anchor by the state legislature in 1647, and the motto "Hope" was added in 1664. By the time of the American Revolutionary War(1775-83), those emblems were being employed on military flags, and by the early 19th century, Rhode Island ships may have been flying a flag with a streamlined anchor.

What Is The World's Most Populous Island Nation?

Indonesia is the world's most populous island nation.

What Was The First U.S. State To Adopt An Official Sport?

Maryland was the first US state to adopt an official sport.


Which state has the one-word motto "hope"? Few states have a single official motto, but Rhode Island has. The state's seal and flag both feature the word "hope."The General Assembly of Rhode Island authorized the colony's seal, which had an anchor with the word "Hope" on it, on May 4, 1664. The line "Hope we have as an anchor of the soul" from the book of Hebrews served as its model.

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