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Who Has An Airport Named In His Honor Even Though He Ironically Died In A Plane Crash?


Who has an airport named in his honor even though he ironically died in a plane crash? He is Will Rogers. Will Rogers, whose full name is William Penn Adair Rogers, was a famous American entertainer, radio host, film actor, and writer.

He was born on November 4, 1879, in Cherokee Territory, in the United States, not far from where Claremore, Oklahoma, is today. He passed away on August 15, 1935, not far from Point Barrow, Alaska.

Why Is Will Rogers Famous?

Will Rogers, one of the most well-liked American celebritiesof the period, and the aircraft's pilot, renowned aviator Wiley Post, perished in an airplane crash in Alaska on August 15, 1935, when they were both 55 years old.

Will Rogers began his career as a cowboy after being born in what is now Oklahoma in 1879. However, in his twenties, he transitioned to a life in the spotlight as a vaudeville performer, showcasing his proficiency with the lariat and soon infusing what would become his signature comedy into his act.

He had a prosperous career on Broadway, in radio, and in silent (and later talking) movies as a result of his popularity. The year before he passed away, 1934, he was Hollywood's top box office draw.

Will Rogers Death Cause

Always seeking new experiences, Rogers loved seeing the world and developed into one of the leading supporters of the fledgling aviation sector. Who has an airport named in his honor even though he ironically died in a plane crash? He is Will Rogers.

Wiley Post, the first person to fly solo around the world, became a friend of his. Early in August 1935, Rogers went with Post to Alaska to check out possible air routes between the US and Russia.

Wiley Post and Will Rogers die in a plane crash (1935)

The two made the decision to take a plane to Point Barrow, Alaska, which is where U.S. territory ends. On the day of their flight, the treacherous 500-mile trip was made more difficult by incredibly bad visibility.

The two men landed in a lagoon close to Point Barrow to seek directions from a group of Inuit after becoming unsure of their exact location. At 8:18 p.m., just as it was about to take off once more, the jet crashed back into the lagoon, instantly killing Rogers and Post.

The United States was shocked to learn of Rogers' passing, and the media prominently featured the news. Rogers' memorial service in Hollywood was attended by thousands of people, and he was initially buried in California before being transferred to Oklahoma.

People Also Ask

Did Will Rogers Died In A Plane Crash?

Yes, Will Rogers died in a plane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska.

What Happened To Will Rogers And Wiley Post?

Wiley Post, a famous pilot, and Will Rogers, a famous comedian and cultural icon, died in a plane crash near Point Barrow, Alaska, on August 15, 1935.

What Kind Of Plane Did Will Rogers Crash In?

Will Rogers died in a hybrid Lockheed Orion/Explorer plane crash.


Who has an airport named in his honor even though he ironically died in a plane crash? Will Rogers may have the most distinctive legacy of all the renowned celebritieswho have perished in aviation accidents.

Every year, millions of travelers board their planes at the airport in Oklahoma City that bears his name. He was the victim of a fatal plane tragedy. In 1935, an aviation catastrophe near Barrow, Alaska, claimed the life of Oklahoma native and renowned cowboy Will Rogers.

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