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Who Is Santa In World Cup Commercial Of Fox Sports?

Is a catchy commercial promoting Fox Sports' coverage of the FIFA World Cup with Jon Hamm, Tom Brady, Mariah Carey, and Ellie Kemper everything you want for Christmas? Yes, it does. So, who is Santa in World Cup commercial?

Xander Oddity
Jan 29, 202333 Shares549 Views
Is a catchy commercial promoting Fox Sports' coverage of the FIFA World Cup with Jon Hamm, Tom Brady, Mariah Carey, and Ellie Kemper everything you want for Christmas? Yes, it does. So, who is Santa in World Cup commercial?
Your present really came early today as the network released its second holiday-themed commercial, which was made by an internal team in collaboration with independent CD Gary Van Dzura and seasoned director Wayne McClammy.

World Cup Commercial 2022 Santa

In July, the first ad in the series debuted. Who is Santa in World Cup commercial for Fox Sports? Hamm was portrayed as Santa Claus, who was enraged that his unique season was being overshadowed by this year's soccer spectacular, from November 20 to December 18, and featured all 64 games being broadcast on Fox properties.
But, with assistance from cheery Mrs. Claus (Kemper), self-deprecating NFL GOAT Brady (apparently a Cristiano Ronaldo fan), Carey (dammit, she's too busy to sing that song! ), and the entire U.S. Men's National Team, he was changing his attitude.
Jon Hamm as Santa Claus in FIFA World Cup ad
Jon Hamm as Santa Claus in FIFA World Cup ad
A U.S. World Cup victory would indeed be a Christmas miracle, Santa-Hamm. The chances seem difficult.
However, exceptional things do occur around the holidays, so let's hope! (Spoiler alert: They lost. The good newswas that a third and final Hammy-Kringle video would soon be available. Deck their halls, then!)
According to Fox Sports president of marketing Robert Gottlieb:
The 2022 World Cup is historic and unique because it's the first time the tournament will take place during the holiday season, and our creative campaign featuring some of today's biggest stars is focused on letting people know just how special this moment will be.
Combining the greatest sporting event in the world with the most fun and festive time of the year is a supersize gift for fans.
Jon Hamm had been delighting fans all year with some outstanding commercial performances for Progressive and Apple TV+ (which McClammy also directed) (wooing Flo).
Additionally, he would supply the lead voice in the animated sitcom Grimsburg, which Fox will premiere in 2023.

Fox Sports World Cup Commercial 2022

The newest spot in the festive "Tis the FIFA World Cup" creative campaign was unveiled by FOX Sports, America's English-language home for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on October 7, 2022.
The star-studded spot, titled "Superfan Santa," promoted the eagerly anticipated tournament and aired from Sunday, Nov. 20 through Sunday, Dec. 18 on all FOX Sports platforms.
After this summer's highly anticipated debut, in which Emmy Award-winning actor Jon Hamm, executive producer, and star of FOX's upcoming animated comedy series "Grimsburg," appeared as Santa Claus on vacation and learned that the FIFA World Cup TM would be taking place during the holiday season, the campaign picked up.
In that new episode, Mrs. Claus was played by Emmy-nominated actress Ellie Kemper ("The Office") as we travel to the North Pole.
Tom Brady, a seven-time NFL Super Bowl champion, and Mariah Carey, known as the "Queen of Christmas," teamed up with the cheerful couple and make unforgettable cameo appearances as their iconic selves.
Teammates Christian Pulisic, Walker Zimmerman, Weston McKennie, Tyler Adams, Jess Ferreira, and Yunus Musah finally sat down to a holiday meal with the U.S. Men's National Team (USMNT).
The advertisement debuted on the network on Sunday, October 9 during the FOX NFL schedule.

Opening Scene Of FOX Sports' "Superfan Santa" Commercial

The opening scene of FOX Sports' "Superfan Santa" shows Santa Claus at the North Pole, seated behind his desk and concentrating on a wall of TVs playing highlights of international soccer.
Mrs. Claus cheers him up by stating that the American fans chanting in the stands are, in a sense, caroling, as he becomes frustrated with the shift in focus during the Christmas season.
As Santa begins to appreciate how incredible the FIFA World Cup TM is and the opportunity it gives him to bring holiday cheer, his heart becomes three times larger.
He ticks off scenarios of spectators while he gives instructions to his elves, such as Brady discussing Cristiano Ronaldo's play in his kitchen, Carey being overly busy given the season, and the USMNT distributing dishes at a lavish Thanksgiving feast.
Santa imagines himself leading a joyful march through the streets of New York City after realizing that the U.S. winning it all would be the best present that American fans could hope to get.
Finally, Santa realizes that the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup TM tournament taking place over the Christmas season is a gift that keeps on giving.

2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup: Jon Hamm as Santa Claus gets his holiday cut short | FOX SOCCER

Hamm said:
Working with FOX Sports to help set the stage for this historic winter World Cup has been a blast. Like Santa, I am also a huge World Cup fan, and I can’t wait to see the U.S. team take on the world in November. I believe!- Jon Hamm
The last comment came from Brady, who said:
I’m a huge fan of all these athletes, and seeing them perform is really special. It was great to be a part of FOX Sports’ ad campaign. So, when the games get going, I’ll be watching the world’s best compete at the highest level in the World Cup.- Tom Brady
FOX Sports Marketing developed the 'Tis the FIFA World Cup TM creative campaign internally, under the direction of independent Creative Director Gary Van Dzura."
All 64 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM matches were broadcasted live on FOX and FS1 from Sunday, Nov. 20, through Sunday, Dec. 18, and every game was streamed on the FOX Sports app.
Through the Round of 16, the start times for Breakfast, Lunch, and Winners were 8:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM ET, giving fans a new morning ritual.

People Also Ask

Who Is Santa Claus In The Commercial?

Jon Hamm is Santa Claus in the Fox Sports World Cup commercial.

Is Jon Hamm In A Christmas Commercial?

Yes, Jon Hamm reprises his role as Santa in Fox's most recent World Cup ad as he reads a letter from a fan who doesn't want any presents this Christmas.

Who Plays Mrs. Claus In World Cup Commercial?

Mrs. Claus is played by Emmy-nominated actress Ellie Kemper ("The Office") in the Fox Sports FIFA World Cup 2022 commercial.


Who is Santa in World Cup commercial? The installment of Fox Sports' 2022 World Cup ad campaign, which stars Jon Hamm as Santa Claus, had been released. On Sunday, October 9th, the advertisement aired on FOX during all of the scheduled NFL games.
That summer campaign got underway sooner. Hamm was first seen on FOX as Santa Clause enjoying a nice getaway during his "offseason."
Santa cuts his holiday short when he learns that the World Cup has been shifted to the holiday season and rushes back to the North Pole to be ready for the competition in the FIFA World Cup advertisement.
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