Fans are sharing theories about why Travis Scott has deleted his Instagram account.

His supporters are hoping that it means new music is on the way, and that he’ll come back with a new release or new image.

Others suspect it might be to do with the trolling Travis received for the last photo he posted on the account, of his Halloween outfit.

He dressed up as Batman in front of an array of expensive cars, and this was no DIY outfit, it looked like it would set back a few quid.

One troll called him ‘UPS Batman’ because his costume looked brown rather than black and resembled the uniform that a delivery driver would wear.

Another said he looked like the Flea from the cartoon ¡Mucha Lucha!

Trolls didn’t hold back, another commented “Travis Scott is drowning in millions of dollars right now and he couldn’t get a good Batman costume smh”

Someone else wrote: “Travis Scott made batman swaggerless can somebody explain how to class on how he’s not one of the worst things to come to hip hop?”

Eagle-eyed fans previously thought Travis had teased a new album title when he shared a love letter for his 2018 album ‘Astroworld’ – because he signed off the note saying “Let’s keep the ride going see you in Utopia” leading fans to believe “Utopia” will be a new title.

People are now posting on Twitter instead, and the jokes about his outfits are continuing.

Will he come back with a new album or is he licking his wounds?