Wild animals are wandering into deserted towns and cities across the world while humans remain on lockdown

I have a sudden urge to watch I Am Legend and Zootopia. Anyone else planning their entire day around what they’re going to watch/eat next?

I also kind of want to watch that episode of The Simpsons where dolphins enslave humanity.

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Anyway, back to journalism and reality, I suppose.


It makes sense, really; as more and more countries follow suit by enforcing nationwide lockdown measures to slow down the global spread of COVID-19, major towns and cities are speedily turning into deserted wastelands.

And if you’re anything like me, pictures like these have encouraged you to fine-tune that zombie apocalypse plan you’ve had under your bed since you were 10. You know, just in case.

London, UK.


New York City, New York


Venice, Italy.

Stone cold.


It’s hardly surprising that with humans everywhere retreating indoors, the world’s wild animals would come out to play and in some cases, take over major cities a la Disney’s Zootopia.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. The reality is still quite something.

People from all over the world have been taking to Twitter over the last few days to post images of wild animals reclaiming their domain in major cities, now that all those pesky humans have scrammed.

Here are a few gems from across the globe.

San Francisco, CA, USA

A wild coyote was spotted roaming around the streets of a traffic-free San Francisco in California earlier this week.


Kerala state in southern India

Some believe this social media user actually captured a spotted Malabar civet, a critically endangered mammal not seen since the ’90s. This hasn’t actually been confirmed – most think it’s, in fact, a small Indian civet. Regardless, the prospect of endangered animals resurfacing because humans chose to stay the f*ck inside for a couple of weeks is fairly eye-widening.

Paris, France

This social media filmed a sounder (I think that’s right) of wild pigs trotting along the pavements of Paris, as Parisians everywhere were confined to their homes.


And a few others from the Twittersphere


It really makes you think about our impact on nature, doesn’t it? I mean we’ve not even been locked up for a month and already wild animals are strolling into some of the world’s biggest cities carefree and pollution levels are plummeting.

As the most powerful animal on the planet, our impact is obviously huge; I just hope we can all learn to tread a little lighter once this is all over. Returning to “normality” doesn’t have to mean returning to the same mistakes.


Anyway, in the meantime, our cities are yours, guys.

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Totally adding that movie to my watchlist. 

Images via Twitter, Getty and Disney