Wiley’s Twitter Account Deleted After Anti-Semitic Hate Speech

Alfie PowellAlfie Powell in News, UK
Published 29.07.20

Good news, as Wiley’s Twitter account has been permanently deleted after his slew of Anti-Semitic tweets promoted hate and division.

Previously making headlines for publicly arguing with fellow grime star Stormzy, the 41-year-old has faced massive backlash after he decided to endlessly tweet abuse at Jewish people for seemingly no reason.

Wiley seems to think that Jewish people are born with inherent power and get preferential treatment to literally everybody else, which is a bizarre view in the first place, but also a very dangerous one; especially when shared online to millions of followers and more who would see it regardless.

It’s because of the hate that the musician was spreading that his Twitter account was suspended several times, while previous tweets were hidden, but he was eventually allowed back online, apparently having learned nothing at all.

Wiley Twitter

When he was kicked off of Twitter for the first time, he broke the news to his followers on Facebook and Instagram; two accounts which were also later deactivated. Finally, after receiving enough prompts to do so by concerned onlookers, Twitter permanently deleted Wiley’s account. Meanwhile, a Facebook and Instagram spokesperson spoke of their decision to deactivate his accounts, explaining:

There is no place for hate speech on Facebook and Instagram.

After initially placing Wiley’s accounts in a seven day block, we have now removed both his Facebook and Instagram accounts for repeated violations of our policies“.

Earlier this week, the UK’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis urged social media bosses to take action on the 41-year-old in a letter addressed to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, reading:

Your inaction amounts to complicity. I urge you to take swift action to challenge the hatred that currently thrives on your platform“.

The bad news for Wiley doesn’t end there either, as his management company, A-List Management, have also dropped him. John Woolf of the company confirmed that they had severed all ties with the rapper, tweeting:

Following Wileys anti semitic tweets today we at @A_ListMGMT have cut all ties with him. There is no place in society for antisemitism“.

Finally, last but not least, The Metropolitan Police have confirmed Wiley’s comments are now under investigation, saying in a statement:

The Met takes all reports of antisemitism extremely seriously. The relevant material is being assessed“.