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Will Ferrell And Harry Styles Demolish James Corden's Desk With Sledgehammers On Epic The Late Late Show Finale


Will Ferrell and Harry Styles made an epic final appearance on James Corden's The Late Late Show, leaving a lasting impression on the iconic talk show. Guests Will Ferrell and Harry Styles demolish James Corden's desk with sledgehammers on epic The Late Late Show finale. As they shared interesting insights into their lives, the two stars were given the unique task of demolishing Corden's desk using sledgehammers.

Corden, who could be seen cowering nearby, may have had mixed emotions as he watched the set piece being destroyed. However, it was a fitting end to his time on the show after eight years. The desk was left as a mangled collection of wood chips by the time Ferrell and Styles had finished their task.

During the show's finale, Harry Styles also revealed that he was open to the possibility of reuniting with his former boy band, One Direction. When asked about a potential reunion, the singer said, "I think I would never say never to that. If there was a time when we wanted to do it, I don’t see why we wouldn’t.”

The Late Late Show has been a beloved fixture in the late night talk show scene for nearly a decade, but Corden has now made the difficult decision to step away from the programme. The reason behind his decision is his family. Corden explained to fellow talk show host Drew Barrymore that he felt his work was being prioritised over his family.

During the filming of his show Mammals two summers ago, Corden's 10-year-old son asked him why he was working on a Sunday. Corden explained that the show's schedule was all over the place, and he had to get it done before returning to work on The Late Late Show. His son's face "just kind of dropped," and Corden realized that he only had a small amount of time before his children no longer wanted to be around him.

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Corden explained the moment he made his decision to leave the show, saying, "And I got in the car and I called my wife Jules and I said, 'I've realized, best case scenario, we have six more summers where Max even remotely wants to be around us. And I cannot waste another one'." He and his family have decided to move back to the UK.

The Late Late Show has been a huge success for Corden, with its Carpool Karaoke segments and other viral moments. However, as he steps away from the show, he knows that his family must come first. His decision to prioritize them over his work is a reminder to all of us about the importance of balancing our personal and professional lives.

Goodbye Late Late Show desk 👋 #harrystyles #willferrell

The Late Late Show Epic Finale

As the final episode of The Late Late Show came to a close, it was clear that Will Ferrell and Harry Styles had left a lasting impression. From smashing Corden's desk to sharing insights into their lives, they helped to create a memorable finale for a show that has been a fixture in the late night talk show scene for nearly a decade.

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