Will Ferrell has announced that Wedding Crashers 2 is in the works, which is either very good news or very scary news.

I don’t know if I should be embarrassed about this or not, but the first Wedding Crashers is one of my favourite films. It’s hilarious, surprisingly touching and you know what? There’s something for everyone.

I suppose you could argue that – like American Pie – with political correctness taking forefront in everything, they wouldn’t really get away with themes like they did in 2005, but Wedding Crashers 2 could still be great somehow.

Rachel Mcadams wedding crashers 2

If I remember correctly, the first film ended after Vince Vaughn and Isla Fisher’s wedding, with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams (back together) in the car with them, they say they’re going to crash a wedding disguised as a travelling folk band or something and Stay With Me by The Faces plays. I haven’t watched it in a while but I really did watch it a lot back in the day.

It’s a very nice ending and one that’s well-deserved, but not one’s that’s necessarily open ended. While, when I was much younger, I was desperate for a sequel, as an older and more cynical man who has seen Zoolander 2, I’m sort of glad there hasn’t been one.

Nonetheless, while promoting their new Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams – who had roles in Wedding Crashers – made a shocking revelation about the potential for a sequel.


Wedding Crashers will ferrell

Dropping the news into conversation – in a rather casual manner, I might add – Ferrell said:

Wedding Crashers 2, yeah. I think we can just say it’s being written“.


He then jokingly added that the film would be a full-on drama, with not a single laugh in there, telling E! News:

How about if it’s just the lawyers representing everyone in divorce court?’ he joked. ‘And just make it like a legal courtroom drama, not funny at all“.


Wedding Crashers 2

McAdams then spoke about how she’s love to work with Vaughn and Wilson again, saying:

I got to work with Owen again on Midnight In Paris, so that was super fun. And I worked with Vince again on True Detective, now I’m just remembering it. But those were very different. So yeah, it’d be nice to go back and have a romp“.

She then added that while her and Ferrell didn’t work together on Wedding Crashers, he certainly made an impression…

Will and I actually never met on that film, because he was doing a cameo… we were like ships passing.

I was always just so wishing another opportunity would come along, where we’d actually be in the same scene together.

I think he’s one of the funniest men on the planet, so I’m just a huge fan. And he’s one of the loveliest men as well“.


I really hope this is good.

Images via New Line Cinema