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This Wilson Home Improvement Fence Sitter Would Be A Great Addition To Any Fanatic's Collection


Hidey- Hello there, Neighbor! I pity you if you are unfamiliar with Mr. Wilson. I've learned so much from this man, even though I've only seen half of his face over the course of eight seasons of Home Improvement! You might need one of these amusing Mr. Wilson home improvement fence sitters if you were a huge fan of Home Improvement. They perch directly on your fence, allowing you to either look in on your neighbor or have it swivel towards your yard so Mr. Wilson can give you or your children life advice as they grow up!

Wilson Fence Sitter on a wooden fence
Wilson Fence Sitter on a wooden fence

The Mr. Wilson home improvement fence sitter sign is handmade and sold by Etsy business 'tomscraftcastle', who uses wood and paint to create each Wilson fence sign. Each fence sitter takes around 4-6 weeks to arrive once you place your purchase, and he connects to any standard fence. Mr. Wilson's hands include slots that make sliding over most fences a breeze!

The Wilson fence sitter has half of Wilson's face peeping over any fence of your choice, as well as his iconic fly fishing hat and two hands gripping the fence's top!

Closed view of a Wilson Fence Sitter on a wooden fence
Closed view of a Wilson Fence Sitter on a wooden fence

COPYRIGHT_HOOK: Published on https://thehooksite.com/wilson-home-improvement-fence-sitter/ by Xander Oddity on 2022-03-01T06:26:42.857Z

What Does Fence Sitter Means?

In a debate, a person who remains neutral or undecided is a fence sitter.

Mr. Wilson is a wooden figure that hangs from your fence or gate. He is 8 x 20 inches in size.

This is a one-of-a-kind item. It's painted with exterior paint and sprayed with "Clear Coat Protective Spray." Because our goods are hand-painted, no two are alike, and none will exactly match the image. Pine and plywood were used to create the bespoke design.

There are several other interesting and amusing fence-sitters manufactured by other Etsy stores that you may see below! These nosy elderly neighbors are included!

Nosy Elderly Fence Sitter

Introducing Joppa Woodworking's Original Version of Peekin' Pete and Penelope! The photos in this listing were taken by us on our fence at our house in Denver, Colorado, in the United States!

It is not Our Quality, Handcrafted, Peekin' Pete and Penelope if you see these photographs advertising this couple being offered by someone else! Don't be deceived by cheap knock-offs or plagiarised versions of our designs.

This adorable duo watches over your fence to keep tabs on what's going on in the neighborhood! Ideal for a Father's Day or Mother's Day gift, as well as a birthday present for the person who has everything.

Grandpa and granny holding binoculars fence setter on a wooden fence
Grandpa and granny holding binoculars fence setter on a wooden fence

This Grouchy Elderly Lady Sits On The Fence

A fence-sitter of a grumpy lady is also available. You can buy it from Etsy.

Note: Currently this fence-sitter is unavailable.

Angry granny fence setter on a wooden fence
Angry granny fence setter on a wooden fence


You can find 'Wilson Home Improvement Fence sitter' and other unique home products at Etsy.

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