A wine company wants to pay you £250 to drink wine, which should be a stupidly appealling offer to literally everyone reading this.

Why would this not be something you’re thinking of applying for? Genuinely, even if you’re not huge on a drop of vino, £250 to choke something down isn’t half bad.

Sexual innuendos aside, I’m serious about this. Vintage Roots – an organic wine seller – want to pay you a decent chunk of cash to drink twelve delicious bottles of the good stuff.

Obviously £250 isn’t a life-changing amount of money or anything, but it’s far more than any of currently get paid to drink wine and to be honest, I’d happily pay that amount for 12 bottles of wine as it is (over a period of time that is, not a one-time purchase).

The offer means that you’ll be handed a Vintage Roots’ Organic Everyday Case, as well as a Rosé Summer Six, with both boxes of six being delivered straight to your door, so you don’t even need to do any legwork.

Bear in mind that this is a one-off offer, so if you’re the lucky person to be chosen, don’t go quitting your job thinking that this is going to be a regular source of income. Once you’ve done your job with Vintage Roots, there’s absolutely no promise that they’ll call on you again.

Speaking of the role, the website reads:

Do you dream of spending your summer sipping wine in the garden? Do you consider yourself a wine connoisseur? If this sounds like you, we may just have the perfect job for you…

Whether you are a red wine, white wine or rosé wine fan, Vintage Roots are looking for someone to become a professional summer wine taster, sampling and tasting the finest organic wine from the comfort of their own home all while earning £250 at the same time.

Organic Wine Merchants : Vintage Roots

Put your feet up with a Pinot Grigio or enjoy socially distanced Sauvignon with your friends.

If this sounds like just the job for you, all you need to do is read our terms and conditions below, following the instructions to enter the competition via our social media channels“.

To enter, make sure you’re over 18-years-old and then simply post a photo of yourself drinking a glass of wine on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, tagging @VintageRootsltd on Facebook and Twitter, and @VintageRootsWines on Instagram, using the hashtags #summerwinetaster #comewinewithme.

You’ve got until the 31st of August to enter, with the winner being announced on the 4th of September.