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Wintersun Faiths Of Skyrim - Religion And Faith-based Mod Of Elder Scrolls


Elder Scrolls V's Skyrim game has a free mod called Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim. Religion and worship are added in Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim.

To deepen your relationship with your deity and finally receive their blessing of divine might, pray, visit shrines, and abide by all of their rules.

This mod includes numerous other deities from Elder Scrolls literature with their own shrines in addition to the divines and daedric princes.


Here are the features of Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim:

  • Select a god to worship, either as a god of a particular race or by reading about them.
  • Gain the approval of your deity by praying, visiting their shrines, practising their principles, and abstaining from their taboos.
  • Obtain a fundamental skill for worshipping a deity and, when your favour with the deity is great enough, a more potent devotee ability.
  • Custom shrines with fresh blessings for the shrine.
  • No save bloat; lightweight scripts.
  • Can be set up while you're playing.

Skyrim Wintersun Guide - Adopting A Deity

A dialogue box allowing you to become a Follower of that deity appears each time you visit a shrine. The Pray power, a list of religious precepts, and a subtle gift are given to followers. Some deities are only accessible to certain races or those who have completed certain quests.

Worship And Prayer

By kneeling and going into a state of meditation, you can use the Pray power to raise your favour and show off your current favor.

While you are free to pray as often as you like, doing so at least once per day is sufficient to increase your favour as quickly as possible; there is no added benefit to praying frequently or for a lengthy period.

Some gods might have set hours or places for prayer. You can offer sacrifices at the shrine to your god. Prayer and worship are equivalent, but worship increases favour more.

Your Initial Faith

After the intro sequence or when you reach level 2 (just like in Survival Mode), a dialogue box allowing you to select a deity based on your race opens at the beginning of your playing. This depicts the faith that your character practised prior to entering Skyrim.


The most typical way to become a devotee of a deity is to go to their shrine, but there are other options as well. The Daedric Prince may specifically ask you to become their disciple without regard to your race or any other prerequisites when you speak with them during a quest or read about their heroic feats.

Faiths Of Skyrim Wintersun Walkthrough

Check out this Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim video:

Skyrim Mod: Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim - Gain Divine Power

People Also Ask

How Does Wintersun Work?

To deepen your relationship with your deity and finally receive their blessing of divine might, pray, visit shrines, and abide by all of their rules.

How Do I Change My Wintersun Deity?

To do this, simply turn on one of the shrines and go in the direction of the deity of your choice. When you become a devotee of a certain deity, you are required to pray, worship, and adhere to its creed.

How Do You Become A Devotee In Wintersun?

Your favour with the deity will increase if you follow their teachings and meditate at or worship at their shrine. When you reach 100%, you become a Devotee and acquire a second skill that dramatically displays the deity's power in Tamriel.


Wintersun Faiths of Skyrim enables characters to worship a variety of deities from the Elder Scrolls lore. Once you begin, you can select any deity from the Nine Divines, Eleven Ancestors, Daedric Princes, and other options that you wish to worship.

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