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Woman 27 Has Dedicated Her Life To Living As An Adult Baby


Ok, so… Fetishes are something we've all heard of, right? Behind closed doors, the strangest things can sometimes happen. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but are some fetishes a touch too bizarre?

Wade, the 35-year-old husband, and Michelle, 27, both of Maryville, Tennessee, spend the majority of their time in unconventional positions.

Michelle reveals her hidden fetish, saying that she enjoys dressing up as a young girl and referring to her husband as "Daddy."

In the fetish known as "DDLG," Michelle pretends to be "a baby girl every day - almost all day."

On the We TV reality series Extreme Love, she admits:

From the time I wake up ‘til a few hours before I go to bed, I’m in little space. It’s something that Daddy and I both enjoy.- Michelle

Despite the fact that Michelle and Wade's submissive and dominant personalities were immediately apparent upon meeting, Michelle says that she initially felt the term "DDLG" to be "a little weird."

Up until Wade questioned her about if she had ever "thought about being a baby doll," that is.

Wade fastening Michelle's adult onesie
Wade fastening Michelle's adult onesie

Creepy. He is literally fastening a baby-gro the size of an adult, and we have no idea what the device linked into the electrical socket could be, how is that even possible?

Michelle says:

I mean, I had heard about it before Wade, but I, honestly, was in disbelief that he was willing to let me act like a child and do all the things that I wanted to do and be willing to take care of me. I just fell in love with it.- Michelle

Wade said:

Once we started going out and buying the onesies, it just escalated from there. It was just a full-time baby girl 24/7. She just loves her little space- Wade

Chilling material.


Michelle admits that she has always had "a childish side" and recalls how she used to play with stuffed animals even when she was a senior in high school. But aren't playing with plush animals innocently and letting someone treat you like a doll on very different scales?

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