Ok, so… we are all familiar with fetishes, right?!

Sometimes the most bizarre things can go down behind closed doors.

Each to their own and all that, but can some fetishes be considered a little too freaky?!


For Michelle, 27, from Maryville, Tennesse, her marriage to husband, Wade, 35, involves spending most of their time in unusual roles.

Opening up about her secret fetish, Michelle explains that she gets her kicks from dressing up as a little girl and calling her husband ‘Daddy’.


The fetish termed ‘DDLG’ means that Michelle takes on the role of “a baby girl every day – almost all day”.

“From the time I wake up ‘til a few hours before I go to bed, I’m in little space. It’s something that Daddy and I both enjoy”, she reveals on the We TV reality series, Extreme Love.


When the couple first met, it became quite clear that Michelle was a submissive and Wade was a dominant, but Michelle admits despite this she found the concept of ‘DDLG’ “a little weird”.

That was until Wade asked her if she had ever ‘thought about being a baby doll’.


Creepy. I mean he is actually fastening an adult-size baby-gro and we have zero idea what the contraption plugged into the wall socket could be?!

“I mean, I had heard about it before Wade, but I, honestly, was in disbelief that he was willing to let me act like a child and do all the things that I wanted to do and be willing to take care of me”, explains Michelle.

“I just fell in love with it”, she says.


“Once we started going out and buying the onesies, it just escalated from there. It was just a full-time baby girl 24/7. She just loves her little space”, says Wade.

Bone-chilling stuff. 


Michelle reveals she has always had “a childish side” and recollects on how she would play with stuffed animals even at high school.

But isn’t innocently playing with stuffed animals and allowing someone to play with you like a doll on two complete different spectrums?! 

On a day-to-day basis home life consists of Wade working as a professional handyman, whilst Michelle spends her mornings having a carefree bubblebath playing with her toys.



Together the pair spend their free time playing board games, colouring, arts and crafts and watching Disney movies.

“This isn’t a game. This isn’t something we’re just putting on a front. This is who we are. This is what makes us happy”, says Wade.


The role of playing Michelle’s ‘Daddy’ is not taken lightly. Wade even has a behavioural chart with green and red checks for good and bad behaviour.

When the marks are tallied up at the end, she will either receive a punishment or a reward depending on how she has been behaving.


It really is most bizarre and well, it gets weirder…

In the trailer for the new series of Extreme Love, a shirtless Wade is shown spanking Michelle after she hasn’t performed well on her behaviour chart. After he slaps her behind, she says: “Thank you, sir”.

“I grew up in a disciplinarian household”, explains Wade.


“When I was a kid, I took a very strong interest in the spanking aspect. Something clicked in my head. I’m like, this is what I like”, he continues.

“I’ve always liked to be in charge. I like to be the boss. I think I was born for this”.


With that being said the pair seem perfectly matched as Michelle admits she doesn’t mind his strict punishment methods.

“He’s my daddy and my protector and I need him”, she says.

Yup, the world really is an asylum.