Woman Accidentally Leaves Sex Toy On Display During Livestream

AvatarHannah Humphreys
Published 27.03.20

We’ve probably all been there – maybe not on livestream to a potential 34k audience – but frantically dashing about our room/flat/houses before relatives arrive clearing anything that may cause us mortification.

Sex toys very much top that list – I mean, who really wants to have to explain to grandma what a butt plug is, for example.

Not that I’ve ever owned one.

But as many people (influencer or not) take to social media to livestream whilst in self-isolation it seems we can become a little careless about what’s on show in the background.

Yesterday, Scottish influencer, Lauren Faulkner took to her Instagram and shared with her 34k followers her haircare routine and all the products she regularly uses and swears by to keep her bleached blonde locks in tip top shape.

After discussing each product in detail Lauren then films herself in the mirror only to realise that her sex toy – a nude penis – sat perched in the background on full-view.

Lauren quickly deleted the clips but did acknowledge the d**k in the background later on her Insta Stories and couldn’t stop giggling.

She said: “Guys I just want to apologise if you’re watching my Insta Stories and you thought, ‘oh that video got cut short, why did she not explain that thing to me?’”.

Adding: “And I’m watching these videos like, ‘ha ha it looks like there’s a d**k in the background’ – it was”.

“It was just left in here to dry because we gave it a clean the other day”, she explained clearly mortified.

Lauren’s fans just found the whole thing hilarious, of course.

One commented: “I am SCREAMING”.

With another adding: “’Left it out to dry’ – Lauren, I’m dying”.

Lauren and her boyfriend, Charlie – who is transgender – run a joint YouTube channel called Trans Life and Wife where they have over 55k subscribers and both have been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Influencer of the Year award.

Their nomination for 2020 was under the ‘Best Newcomer’ category and was due to take place in London on 12 May but there are uncertainties whether this will now take place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Noms are now closed after Cosmopolitan announced that they were inundated with ‘brilliant entries’ and Lauren and Charlie made the 2020 shortlist.

They are up against Demi Donnelly, Liv Humby, Chloe Pavlou and Vee Kativhu.

Votes close today for Best Newcomer – so we wish Lauren and Charlie all the best of luck!