It’s only been a few days since some pubs started reopening  across the country, and already we’re seeing people kicking off and generally causing a nuisance.

It was always going to happen wasn’t it? Lock somebody up for months on end and deprive them of a good time down at their local, and as soon as they’re free to go back they’re going to hit it 10x harder and end up causing an incident.

And where better for said incident to take place than a good ol’ trusty Spoons?

In this particular incident, a woman attacked an NHS worker for apparently “speaking Polish too loudly” at a Wetherspoons pub in the Kingswood Colliers pub in Bristol.

Anna Rutkowska, 36, was drinking with friends in Bristol as pubs reopened on ‘Super Saturday’ when Clare McCarthy, 30, lunged at her.


McCarthy allegedly yelled “you’re in England now” at Anna and her pals as they spoke Polish.

In the clip the unnamed woman can be heard shouting ‘she touched me first’ as the bouncers waded in, which Anna claims was an insincere attempt to mock her.

Anna is heard warning them she is recording the clip before the unnamed man says ‘you touched my sister’. A male voice can be heard saying: ‘Come on then!’ repeatedly. One of the bouncers says ‘if you can’t get on with anyone… he hit you, did he?’ to which a man on Anna’s side of the brawl says: ‘She did.’

Footage of the attack went viral – and now McCarthy says she has been sacked from her job as a recruitment consultant.

Looks like a classic Saturday night at Spoons.


Also, “you’re in England now” is such a moot thing to say, it’s not the 1950’s anymore…

Polish-born Anna, who works at an NHS care home, told MailOnline:

“We were speaking ‘too loud in Polish’ with those people telling us, ‘you are in England now’.

After which the girl attacked my friend, and then the staff asked us to leave, not bothering to ask anyone what happened.

She’s saying ‘you hit me first’ because she’s repeating what my friend is saying.”

McCarthy also told the publication:

“Racism happens all the time and it is wrong, I’ve always thought that. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”


“But it’s almost as bad to accuse someone of racism when I have not muttered anything of the kind. This woman has accused me of attacking her and I know that in the eyes of the law that if someone touches you first they are the instigator so I contacted the police today and reported the incident.

“I want her to know that she is now part of the investigation and when that investigation is complete I will be pursuing her for defamation of character and loss of earnings.

It comes after another brawl broke out, this time at a Wetherspoons in West Yorkshire in the town of Pontefract named ‘The Broken Bridge’. Two groups were taking part in a Sunday session when things got a bit out of hand at around 4:30pm and they ended up starting a massive brawl.

Here’s the footage:


One eye witness said:

“I was sat eating my meal, and I heard loads of arguing. So I looked up to see a huge crowd all running over and somebody got hit from behind.

“The staff got involved trying to break it up. They got hit and it got out of control. Everyone was getting involved and arguing, other people ended up fighting. The manager called the police who kicked everybody out and shut the pub down.”

So yeah, essentially things are back to normal it seems.

Like I said, it was always going to happen, it was just a case of when and where.

And a Wetherspoons seems just about the most appropriate place I can think of.


Images via Facebook/Twitter/Anna Rutkowska